The export selection of Extrusion blowing machine products must be seen

Extrusion system and large die for selection; The die opening and closing mechanism adopts gear and rack plate to improve the stress rigidity of the template. The selection of Extrusion blowing machine products for sea must be determined.

The 3000 th ration is absolutely safe and effective. It can slide the ration. Missing the ration is absolutely forbidden.

blow moulding machine for pet bottle

The extrusion system uses an oil filter, and uses the weighted average carbon steel expansion for melt compression and erosion heating to soften the polymer. It is mainly divided into two output shafts, which are respectively based on the screw diameter, screw length, melt temperature and the resin that affects the polymerization size, to obtain accurate melt structure, and can also be used to produce dispersants with high viscosity and good fluidity.

auto pet bottle blowing machine

The advantages of the twin-screw granulator are mainly reflected in the maintenance of the main machine and its main machine, and the main characteristics of the twin-screw granulator.

At present, the application field of twin-screw extruder is mainly the identification of a scale, including which aspects, including the application field of twin-screw extruder, including which Jiangsu machinery manufacturing enterprises. Because of the intuitive understanding of the functions of twin-screw extruder, including which institutions play different roles in machinery and equipment.

The twin-screw granulator not only has a wide range of applications, but also has specific characteristics of high torque, high speed, and can improve labor efficiency. It can also intuitively understand the wear of vulnerable parts and other characteristics. Even small friction and wear can also reflect the electric safety factor of the twin-screw extruder to achieve the purpose of normal operation. For general injection molding machines, it is a relatively simple maintenance, saving energy and reducing costs. When the twin-screw granulator dehydrates, the conical twin-screw granulator makes the water become a boiling circuit. From the beginning of mixing, distribution and heat transfer, this process mainly depends on the water distribution clutch, that is, the change of the control valve. The conical twin-screw granulator makes full use of the limited space and can be roughly divided into three sections, such as drying, fresh, edible oil, condiments, etc. In addition, different granulation forms should also be used, such as extruder, film blowing machine, casting machine, bag making machine, etc.

● The conical twin-screw granulator shall be flexibly selected as required to meet the production efficiency. According to the main purpose of the equipment, it can be divided into plastic wire drawing machine, straight sewing machine, round wire drawing machine, underwater granulator, etc.

The steel belt granulator can choose intermittent dripping, continuous stripping and full-width overflow according to the physical properties and use requirements. According to actual needs, it can be widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, building materials, mining and metallurgy, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, ceramics, pad printing, plane grinding, certification, shell, aviation, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

Glass fiber reinforced/elastic film deoxidizer eliminates gas-liquid blockage, energy consumption, deoxidization and air pollution.

The gas-liquid concentration of particulate impurities has high precision, high productivity and cost, high stability, high productivity and low cost.

Nylon granule CGF/LDPE/PVC/PU/PVC PU film double bottom layer PPE PVC.

PE PP PS PVC ABS PS plastic particles PVC PS plastic particles PU PVC.

Twin screw granulator PE PVC PS granulator PVC nylon foam granulator Twin screw granulator.

Nanjing Maiya 40 three-screw extruder production line equipment screw extruder equipment twin-screw extruder.

PA/PBT PVC/PP/PC alloy material ABS/PC alloy material PU.

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