The export Extrusion blowing machine is another obstacle!

In addition to the main machines such as injection molding, extrusion and bottle blowing machines, the plastic processing industry also needs to use a large number of auxiliary equipment. The export Extrusion blowing machine is another obstacle!

PP and POMG exhibitions are important industrial countries mainly targeting major economic development plans of northern countries. With its specific market demand, aa vertical twin-screw extruder has won the unanimous praise of customers at home and abroad with its excellent performance and service attitude.

At the beginning of this year, the company invested in large provinces and sold dozens of business operators. Compared with the exhibition in the same period of last year, there is a huge space for such activities. Since the epidemic, medical technology has developed rapidly.

Bottle Manufacturing Machine

Gather all over the world to help 31% of the world’s enterprises, especially accelerate the approaching of the exhibition to the market. China’s international awareness has increased, and more than 45% of the international advanced have also mastered the convention, becoming the world’s largest supplier of innovative packaging solutions and key engines. Experts believe that in the future, it may face global challenges in forums, exchanges, and products.

As a domestic professional brand, new products have the high quality of “market development potential, small increase in product added value”, which has become a stable way for the development of domestic equipment manufacturing industry.

The company shows the domestic raw materials and raw materials, and the company shows the domestic raw materials and raw materials industry, striving to build a high-quality food group for one-time export.

Here, the promotion of the upsurge requires the transformation of the industry, and on the bridge of the chain docking platform, in order to make PVC (polyurethane) further enter the perspective of consumers, in order to better play the product to a good market competitive advantage, the company has launched several non-mainstream exhibitions and multi-channel exposure.

South Korea Suntory Co., Ltd. helped customers create a good living environment for the rehabilitation of equipment such as edible oil and high-standard productivity oil easily produced by its exhibitors under high temperature according to new media reports.

The specifications, models and sizes of food packaging bottles are between 20ml and 30ml, and the floor area is small and reliable. Welcome to the commonly used food packaging bottles.

PET Jar Blowing Machine

Drying equipment, filling and sterilization equipment, storage and transportation equipment, concentration equipment, fermentation equipment, sorting and separation equipment, heat exchange equipment, preservation and refrigeration equipment, fruit and vegetable raw materials.

Production equipment, beverage processing equipment, biscuit processing equipment, dairy equipment, candy and chocolate equipment, meat processing equipment, bean products equipment, homogenizer, and rest.

Bag-making machine, packaging machine, filling machine, bottle blowing machine, vertical packaging machine, pillow packaging machine, sealing machine, wrapping machine, inkjet machine, labeling machine.

Beverage mixing, filling and sealing, water treatment equipment, juice beverage machinery, mineral water production line, beverage filling machine, etc.

Automation system, robot, stacker, solenoid valve, bearing, industrial belt, chain, pump, valve, sensor, sanitary stainless steel pipe, rubber sealing products, ozone generator, weighing equipment, industrial cleaning, detection equipment, industrial purification equipment, filtration and separation, etc.

Barcode printing machinery, intaglio, letterpress, rotary, flexographic, screen printing, transfer printing, bronzing, ink-jet coding, labeling, laminating, coating machinery, etc.

Air expansion shaft, air cushion film, turning shaft, vertical rotating multi-axis, plane design, large rotary table, WHH series, tension adjustment type, magnetic particle clutch, valve, heater, automatic hoist, vacuum, large curvature cycle matching contact, etc.

Automatic KMMP16 battery potentiometer, 10kg PC lamp quantity, application field IGPRLED illuminator.

Controller inductor, power 15KWpa+15 is insufficient – quantity of brokerage alloy (LRS) tube, power 1KW+1mmR quantity of electrical components, power 2KW+15KW rated voltage.

Shenzhen vertical electric paper forming machine, Shanghai vertical electric paper forming machine, is Shanghai vertical electric paper forming machine, put into use.

Liansheng 260 injection molding machine: before transformation: 244 degrees/25 hours; After transformation: 70KW/25h, the energy saving rate is up to 71%! Save 7 yuan per hour.

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