The Development Trend of Automatic Blow Molding Machine

In the development of the plastic bottle packaging industry, essential is the blowing machine industry driven by the domestic blowing machine industry, manufacturing and research and development technology is and the international advanced level closer and closer, which is the domestic blowing machine business development thanks to China’s growing economy.

Blowing machine, it will be some plastic raw materials to make plastic bottles or some waste plastic bottles for reprocessing to produce new clean plastic bottles. With the continuous development of China’s beverage industry and pharmaceutical industry, even in recent years, there is a burst of momentum, blowing machine has also been developed by leaps and bounds.

Plastic hollow containers with light weight cheap price and high safety advantageous characteristics, widely used in the pharmaceutical, daily chemical and food industry, and has attracted more manufacturers choose blowing machine to replace the previous bottle-making tools, with multi-layer high barrier hollow products in the field of hollow products accounted for an increasing proportion, making multi-layer blow molding products not only in the food packaging industry to develop rapidly, but also in the chemicals and cosmetics and pharmaceutical and hygiene and other industrial packaging is also growing rapidly. Thus, the development of blow molding stemmed from its excellent characteristics and is bound to reach peak status here in the coming years.

The epidemic has also contributed to the growth in sales of hand sanitizers and disinfectants, so for now, the future looks promising. Before there is to understand limited company engaged in the development and manufacture of blowing machine apparatus for 20 years, the company has also applied for a number of patents, in the blowing machine industry is also very famous. Maiwei Machinery is actually not only in blowing machine, but also packaging machine, PET mold and other supporting products research and development. The quality is very good, the parts are all imported, and the price is very favorable.


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