The development of Extrusion blowing machine product design, how should novices start

The production of domestic Blowing machines is from the original two ends to the outside. Enterprises focus on the copy form of installation and sale. The design and development of extrusion Blowing machine products are how novices can get started. Here are four aspects.

At present, domestic Blowing machines are strongly supported by the departments of rock wool industry, such as recycling machines, development and repair, and marketing. The enterprises to which the equipment belongs apply advanced technologies such as electromagnetic induction heating, magnetization, reversible, PLC, etc. In the future, the company will move towards automation, intelligence, digitalization and industrialization, and the Blowing machine equipment will develop at a high speed towards energy saving, heat dissipation, oil conversion, servo motor drive and lithium-free battery.

According to the relevant data, the condensation growth rate of the top five provinces and cities in the domestic Blowing machine market in 2019 was 025%, with a year-on-year increase of 512% in the future. That is to say, one of the top ten reverse orders in the development of Blowing machines in China, second only to melt flow, and oil-free air bag mold locking. In this period of less competition, China’s Blowing machine industry has entered a period of slow development. The rapid development of the industry has led to an increasing demand for Blowing machines in the Blowing machine industry. While developing diversified, China’s Blowing machine industry is also facing skill improvement and new opportunities.

In 2015, the total output value of China’s Blowing machine manufacturing industry reached 3.5 billion yuan, up 22% year on year. The first challenge of the targeted action of the Blowing machine industry is to improve China’s machine manufacturing capacity and set a new benchmark for the domestic Blowing machine industry. On the basis of cash, China’s Blowing machine manufacturing industry has also made some new breakthroughs.

In 2015, China is a major province of plastic blowing machine manufacturing industry. According to the demand of domestic plastic bottle market, China will have 400000 bottles of plastic blowing machines, accounting for 2.1 billion bottles of total exports, and 5000 bottles annually. Although China can achieve sales of 300 million yuan per year, due to the relatively wide per capita space and less port volume, the average annual total consumption per capita in China is about 8%. From the formalities in the first half of 2009 to 2015, the number of semi-finished products enterprises increased by 17%.

With the development of packaging machinery in China, traditional high-end equipment has become a major province in China. With the development of science and technology in China, the development of automation and intelligent equipment has also attracted major provinces. In order to meet the diversified needs of China’s pharmaceutical industry, industrial high-tech has become a new direction of industrial development. China has independently developed a new technology-based Blowing machine. Combined with advanced equipment such as communication and network, the intelligent sensor can not only ensure the fast and convenient food and beverage in China, but also prevent the waste of energy consumption.

The strategic objectives and objectives of the implementation of national intelligent manufacturing are clearly put forward. From concept to implementation, and then to implementation, the whole development stage of digital optimization is always to fundamentally change and reduce the production process of enterprises. Especially in the demand side of the national economy, China’s major food and beverage provinces as the global orientation, and some food and beverage industries are in urgent need of intelligent development.

The strategic goal of the implementation of national intelligent manufacturing is clearly put forward, focusing on the development of modular equipment and manufacturing the development opportunities of the whole industrial chain. The strategic goal is clearly put forward, that is, to establish the project of industrial development and industrial chain to realize the intelligent development of industry 40.

PET Bottle Making Machine

Encourage the development, standardize the Internet, and intelligentize the transformation network. We are committed to creating an intelligent mechanism for digital transformation and digital transformation to maximize the guidance of industrial and social benefits.

Industry insiders will help users at home and abroad expand and occupy the market with the most competitive products and the best form of platform design at the exhibition. Through the market construction of new product research and development, it provides better choices for industry people. Current products include: semiconductor, integrated circuit, energy-saving equipment, fast reactor, high-efficiency energy-saving digital equipment, public conversion equipment, etc. Through the EU CE certification, secondary renewable energy and the promotion of state, not only expand the popularity of equipment, but also reduce labor costs.

Due to the different products of different plastic auxiliary machines, drawing mobile phones, Blowing machines, etc., the accuracy directly affects the development of plastic wire drawing machine orders. Domestic and foreign manufacturers of plastic wire drawing machines also affected the relevant production market due to multiple methyl passivation.

Product introduction: PET packaging belt is referred to as plastic steel belt for short. The main component is polyester resin, and the color is divided into black and green. According to the production process, it is divided into embossing and glossy. The raw material is PET waste mineral water.

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