The development of Blowing machine enterprises is facing bottlenecks and needs leading

Before running the tray Blowing machine, raise the machine to the appropriate position to ensure that the machine head does not collide with the template. The development of the Blowing machine enterprise is facing a bottleneck, and needs to be led by the leader.

The company adheres to the tenet of “quality first, reputation first”, always adheres to the tenet of “scientific and technological innovation, excellence”, and the principle of “customer first”, constantly innovates and develops production lines, and adopts production practices that conform to the international quality management system. We firmly believe that quality is the purpose of our development.

Time is benefit, and maintaining the quality standard of products must be the most important. Under the condition of ensuring quality, we try to ensure that we can improve the efficiency and quality of services.

The whole system of the Blowing machine is live broadcast. Whether it is water pump, air pressure, temperature, rotating speed, air source or information, it is necessary to ensure the matching accuracy to ensure the AC combination quality of the PC.

The more variable the frequency output of the converter is, the easier the system is to adjust. If your system has no special options, the easier it is to adjust the operation cost. If there is no special recommendation in your system, you need to select a robot to complete the bottle cap setting.

Enter the switching process of equipment energy saving, automation and multi-layer requirements; Self-drive and servo motor drive have high operating frequency, but they need heat dissipation. Attention should be paid to the gearbox, bearing parts and gearbox.

In the era of intelligence, personalized and customized product promotion platform is favored by customers. At present, the information switched by the hotspot needs to be transmitted in digital, OS, CBB, optical control information and other fields, and run through these platforms that are truly connected with the information.

By comparing the time of connection with the computer, some people try to solve the problem of microcomputer size every year and give effective solutions. This requires the joint efforts of customers to find suitable alternative products.

More and more intelligent enterprises realize their business through code technology, comprehensive equipment, servo system control, etc. For example, enterprises need to optimize the packaging specifications of products, and enterprises need to set up computer numbers such as AGV, PET, CBB, which are the key directions of enterprise product identification.

More and more modular enterprises determine the composition of orders and products through screening control, which has a very important impact on ensuring the communication and handling rate of orders, invoices, personnel and regions. In addition to major network APPs, it is convenient for customers to find and choose alternative product solutions; In addition, video store publicity function and video store service platform are also added.

The company also supplies all kinds of express bags, PE bags, OPP bags, non-woven fabric bags and other express bags, handbags, woven bags, container bags and other express bag products of the outsourcing box electrical system. Complete machine configuration: order delivery, transfer, counting, full-automatic alarm, full-page barcode, rear winding roll, leveling roll, solenoid valve, electrical control system, etc.

For example, experts estimate that the company’s main businesses include vest bags, shopping bags, zipper bags, turnover boxes, pallets, industrial bags, biodegradable bags, PE bags, water bags, woven bags, container bags, dust collectors, partitions, presses, filter presses, granulators, slitters, sealers, low-temperature granulators, film coating machines, heavy packaging bags, container bags, design bags, laminating machines, paper bags, label printers, bar code bags, plastic tapes Sponge, etc.

For example, Sumitomo SUMITO250A, OPP900A, 1300A, 1400800, DPE150A, 55dN series, 750A/h1100A, 1300A, 8000A/hr1200, KB100, CM2, CE, CM2, P120K, KG, CM2, 14A, AN100 series, CM2, 1572o, 1300B, 2000B, AN100 series, 32100 series, etc. Such as: film blowing machine, printing machine, bag making machine, punching machine, granulator, casting film, torque rheometer, internal mixer, open mixer, plate vulcanizer, filtration and separation equipment, etc.

Water Bottle Making Machine

Relevant labels: Chongnuo RMB 700 m2/3 245, 12, 30, 65, 95, 120, 91, S to obtain plastic film.

Our aim is “to pursue the best service”, and “customer first, honesty” has always been our eternal pursuit.

Linear full-automatic bottle-blowing machine Full-electric high-speed full-automatic bottle-blowing machine PET wide-mouth full-automatic bottle-blowing machine is directly connected to the injection molding machine Hand-inserted automatic bottle-blowing machine Semi-automatic bottle-blowing machine Tube embryo mold Blowing mold auxiliary equipment Bottle blank bottle cap.

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