The dealer of SIDEL Blowing machine with the best reputation

It has achieved great development. At present, a number of large-scale bottle blowing machine manufacturers have formed in China. The dealer of SIDEL Blowing machine with the best reputation.

The electric heating pipe of H6 six-mode high-speed bottle blowing machine is mainly heated by the electric heating pipe. The resistivity is close to that of the electric heating pipe, and the heating height of the heating pipe is usually less than 40%. Each heating must be heated to 120 degrees. As an automatic servo electric heater, it is 5 inches and 30 inches electric. After the machine is repaired each time, it needs to turn on the hot air and increase the temperature of the oven evenly to ensure better and better operation of the oven.

After each maintenance, the operator habitually sets the remote and important start. In case of equipment failure, the life cycle of maintenance personnel shall be detected first. If the waste plastic is not refueled, the frequency of the noise will be fed back to the operator during the repair to indicate the working environment requirements for the maintenance personnel.

The main function of the temperature sensing pump is to convert electric energy into thermal energy to cool the electric fluid rapidly, so as to accelerate heating, achieve the required temperature stability, and improve efficiency and thermal conductivity. The pressure of the laser adjusting pump is mainly the preheating and prediction of the motor.

After the oil enters the pump, check whether these procedures are normal. These procedures should be more convenient to connect. Just put the oil into the pump body, and then install the magnetic cylinder. Some operators raise the cylinder body to the position close to the switch shaft. They need to place the switch in the button, and then press the control button, so that the control requirements of oil pump, oil pipe and other energy can be met.

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PET Blowing Machine

JC1500pxOLST automatic radial wall thickness controller Tianjin private technology model N95CA.

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