The cheapest SIDEL Blowing machine manufacturing industry

Below we list the common manufacturing defects and solutions of pet bottle blow molding for your reference. The cheapest SIDEL Blowing machine manufacturing industry. Use internal atmosphere analysis to improve. The recent analysis of the dynamic mixing technology of domestic high pressure polyethylene Blowing machine in Quzhou has increased from the end of last year to 12 years, 365 days.

How to adjust the temperature of the bottle blowing machine, the production speed of the bottle blowing machine is 4S, and the control accuracy of the bottle blank and wall thickness of the bottle blowing machine reaches thousands of cavities. The linear displacement positioner can adjust the valve according to the preset positioning speed according to different bottle blowing machines. Because of the positioning of the bottle blowing machine, the turning direction or the following ways can keep the bottle blank upright, and the reaction force is the mold closing force.

● After the bottle blank of the bottle blowing machine is transferred to the set position, the locking master will gradually increase with the adjustment of the master variable and the master will gradually increase with the adjustment of the servo, and the linear displacement positioner will gradually be in the offset position. At this speed, the bottle blank will be partially driven by the action, and the bottles will be neat and smooth. At the same time, the reciprocating swing of the herringbone plate of the bottle handling machine will move the bottle blank, bottleneck, bottle taking, mold and bottle taking.

● The machine equipment of the bottle blowing machine actively uses the servo system PLC plus the human-machine interface, touch operation, fault alarm self-diagnosis, and it is clear at a glance.

auto pet bottle blowing machine

● The control system of the bottle blowing machine and the servo control of the bottle blank wall thickness press servo plastic machine, the matching and preparation of the servo system, and the bottle blowing efficiency is high.

plastic bottle blowing machine

● The bottle-blowing machine adopts the Italian imported PLC plus human machine interface, with touch operation. Fault alarm self-diagnosis is clear at a glance.

● Imported components are selected, and all parts have been strictly inspected. The detection components are imported from Omron, Japan, with advanced intelligent digital program and operation interface.

● Select imported components and original imported electrical components of European Omron. The after-sales service is perfect, and the equipment is manufactured under license, with excellent quality.

● It has standard punching, electric heating and liquid level setting, and current can be provided according to requirements. Punching structure, the design should be selected according to the marking of punching time, and can be used with the slider.

● Gas circuit design: the bottle embryo is turned 45 ° to the direction of the shape of the bottle embryo through the mold frame of the inverted bottle washing machine to ensure the uniform thickness of the bottle and improve the qualification rate of the bottle.

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