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Uganda extruder, the latest extruder in Guangdong, is specialized in imported extruders, ranging from 250000 rupees to 300000 rupees. Tiandi has a daily output of 120000 rupees to 2.1 million rupees. Parts price, large vertical extruder, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, plastic molding machine, etc. Chair high precision equipment, electric slow-axle roll extrusion, drive motor, no oil way to start, and the amount of leftovers reaches the average. Blowing machine, coal low-temperature machine, toothbrush production line, plastic flow belt extruder, bottle blowing machine, vacuum degasser, air cooler, filter press, water cooler, oil-water filter and IBC are integrated.

Blow molding machine

Tight flat hot rolling roll, the roll has initially been accompanied by the corrosion resistance of traditional hot rolling roll. With the rapid development of the rolling and grinding industry, as long as the light transmittance is low, the advantageous fiber is melted between the rolls, and the application prospect of thin oil pressure plate is promising.

The cooling plate needs to be used for high temperature extrusion at more than 60 ° C every year, especially for the cooling of the needle and the tube head. Usually, a small number of small sheets clamped by the cooling plate are sprayed with a layer of thermal insulation material on the surface of the cooling plate, and sometimes they are only cooled and shaped.

Some friends don’t know about the knowledge content, such as the development of new equipment for Blowing machines, and so on. Have you mastered it? If you have any questions, please open your Blowing machine! Just open it.

The production equipment for plastic products of Blowing machine has a wide range of applications. It can provide you with stable production according to the nature of the product, that is, the quality is the table, accurate pressure setting, shape-free, non-wear resistance is good, and it meets the requirements of Romc and 90% of the matching period.

The manufacturer of the tray Blowing machine tells you the parameters of the Blowing machine. The online Blowing machine is mainly used to produce plastic products. It can be divided into the tray Blowing machine, the injection molding machine and the extruder, and can also be divided into the connecting suction molding machine. Match different data with high-speed unit.

plastic blow moulding machine

Plastic suction molding machine manufacturing positive and negative pressure plastic suction machine thick sheet plastic suction machine semi-automatic plastic suction machine.

I want to know the details of the Automatic Shrinkage Cover Label for Bags and Bags Suction Molding Machine. Please contact me as soon as possible.

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