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In recent years, with the development of various functional beverage and wine packaging markets, various multi-layer co-injection – blow molding technology has become a hot spot in the market. The cheapest KRONES Blowing machine distributor. Lithium battery high-performance injection molding machine, hose blister machine, blister machine manufacturer, Blowing machine how much is one.

In recent days, the international oil price has fallen sharply continuously, which is mainly purchased by data elements on the table. The risk factors faced by international mold have been spread to and from different places.

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For the fans at the bottom of the bottle, XLRSK represents the role of liberating circulation. By proving the non-diffusion of chilled water, even if it operates under blocking conditions, in this case, once a slope explosion occurs, it will cause the occurrence of chilled water.

There is another point about these problems. For example, inflation is shortened too early because of overheating, metal aging, and elastic aging is advanced.

The breakdown stress is slow, which may be the time to solve the blow molding difficulty, or the unreasonable part, or some shortcomings. In the market, it is common for glass fiber reinforcement and forging to do business, but for some small glass products, such as ceramic products, various baby bottles, children’s products, metal containers, and electrical insulation materials, it cannot exceed several thousand rupees. In terms of Yankang plastic machinery, the choice of PP material is different. The first thing is the cost,

The mold cannot be closed, the mold is moved up to the position close to the switch position, which is inappropriate or has been broken, adjusted to the appropriate position or replaced, the mold closing pressure is insufficient or the waiting time for mold closing is too long, the adjusting solenoid valve is stuck or has been broken, and the products of cleaning or replacing the solenoid valve are formed, the mold is not cooled properly, the cooling system is not cooled in place, the blowing pressure is too low, the time is too short, the progressive pressure is too low, the material temperature is low, the surface of the heating products is rough, the material temperature is low, and the temperature rises to the appropriate material temperature, the mold, the The appearance of the runner is not only polished with coke.

Our knowledge of this aspect will also help us to improve the machine performance and blow molding process in the future. First, look at the disadvantages.

The third point: We can count the reasons for uneven discharge from the control system of the thermometer. Generally, the water temperature is between 220 ℃ and 230 ℃, and the material will be discharged when calculating and measuring. If it needs about 120 ℃, it needs about 120 ℃.

Fifth, the measuring method of thermometer is very important. In this range, the accuracy is very high. Without improvement, the waste of time may be reduced.

On average, at the die head, observe whether the probe circumference is correct. If it is a small cIERS, melt the glasses, that is to say, if it is an improper maintenance ring, then apply the thermometer when it reaches the Jiangxi pivot.

The preventive measures for clamping jaw defects are serious, especially for the appearance of new defects. Permanent magnetic particles must be installed in the die head, and attention should also be paid to the interference in all directions around.

Belts must be stored at relatively high temperatures. The plastic binding rope and non-breaking warning sign on the fixed belt. The tighter the nozzle, the better its sealing. The steam generator is placed on the beam avoiding or hanging beam, the steam generator is placed on the side of the moving plate, and the steam generator is placed above the deflector.

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