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At present, the manufacturers of PET automatic bottle blowing machine mainly import from abroad, such as SIDEL in France, KRONES in Germany, and Fujian Quanguan Quinko in China. The cheapest KRONES Blowing machine dealer.

The company has a high-quality technical development team and an advanced development and design team. The mold design is advanced and the quality situation is good. It has strict quality control and strict inspection standards. According to different mold designs, different types of mold design requirements can be provided to meet the use requirements of different molds. The following items should be paid attention to during mold maintenance: 1. blanking, spraying and casting.

Automatic Blowing Machine

With many years of stress and practical experience in the production of plastic products, we should let the company have new requirements for quality. Let’s better grasp the connotation of new products.

There are a variety of plastics, including ball valves, trays, heat exchangers, high-pressure sealing rings, transmission boxes and various ball valves. This requires a clear understanding of the basic parameters of plastic materials. Plastic is non-biodegradable, and if it is not cleaned with water.

PP, PET, and PE three-sided sealing PET have become the choice of many high-end food packaging, except for smaller packaging.

What is the principle of one-step bottle blowing machine? The bottle blowing machine is a kind of bottle blowing equipment. After the liquid plastic is sprayed out, the plastic body is blown to the mold cavity of a certain shape by the wind force blown out of the machine to make products. This machine is called a Blowing machine.

What are the processing parameters of the bottle blowing machine? PET has high transparency and high toxin intensity, but the barrier performance of this plastic bottle is higher than that of ordinary plastic bottles.

● Polyethylene terephthalate and injection ethylene glycol ester are developed on the basis of PET, so different process parameters can be divided into corresponding systems, including vertical and horizontal systems.

● 113g/PET multifunctional plastic bottle blowing machine has several characteristics: 1. Polyethylene terephthalate, also known as polyester. At present, most of the highest level beverage bottles in China are made of polyethylene. 2. Polypropylene price: XH series 70 – ※ In the range of PET, international packaging bottles, yellow bottles and other units use this kind of bottles, called polypropylene. 3. Polypropylene price: XH series 70 – ※ in the range of PET, including ordinary PET bottles. 5. Polyethylene is used for manufacturing boxes, and is suitable for recycling recycled PET bottles, and polyester is used for blowing beverage bottles, etc. 6. Polypropylene price: 1. HQG-PE shrinkage film (size 100KG), TPE shrinkage film with good quality, 10. Fast, convenient and stable performance. 6. ABS material packaging coverage: complete range.

Our goal is to provide the market and customers with high-quality bottle blowing equipment and services. Our goal is to provide the market and customers with high-quality bottle blowing machines.

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