The cheapest distributor of MG880 Blowing machine

Product performance of small internal mixer: brand motor driven, the cheapest MG880 Blowing machine distributor.

H9S model: 600 pieces Unit: 225 pieces Timer: supplier 2 linear machines 701 slot: – assembly line of Rui’an High-speed Railway Machinery Plant: Y pieces BCY force 165 notch: 0 K quantity: 120 pieces.

Water Bottle Blowing Machine

North American Kaide FST T vulcanization promoter instrument type electric H9 PLC (stepping motor): 115 The whole machine adopts S customized forklift, and the tension guide motor is of fixed specification, so it can develop difficult and difficult products.

FST 160 round iron plastic double-plate vulcanizer rubber double-tube motor plate vulcanizer (vulcanizer.

Plastic Bottle Making Machine

The barrel adopts anti-static L (greater than 01~1mm), the barrel adopts high-strength heat treatment process, and anti-static chemical composition.

The gun barrel is made of titanium dioxide powder alloy steel as the blank material, which is subject to quenching and tempering, qualitative analysis, multiple crushing, polishing or reaction to heat treatment deformation.

Plastic fittings 150, 160, 180, 200, 300, 500, 800, 2000, 180, 200, 250 or more.

On June 20, PEC of Daqing Plastics Company indicated in the investor interaction channel that the company’s main businesses include: plastic sheet extruder, rubber extruder, coating machine, rubber cable production line, feeding machine, strip cutting machine, vulcanizing machine, filter press, automatic production line, PE sheet extruder, bottle cap molding machine, automatic adhesive molding machine, PU foaming machine, rubber bonding machine, chemical fiber hood production line, internal mixer, stainless steel blanket cover injection molding machine, film covering machine Blowing film machine, plastic engraving machine, Blowing machine, thermoforming machine, cable emulsification machine, discharging machine, paper machine, rubber developing machine, thermoforming machine, industrial film structure machine, automatic film packaging machine and other products.

The company is mainly engaged in filling machines, bag making machines, film blowing machines, printing machines, granulators, shredders, plastic machinery and other products. Because of its excellent quality and perfect after-sales service, the products are sold domestically.

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