The channels developed by foreign trade customers of Blowing machines are easy to use

The operator of the full-automatic Blowing machine should have a certain understanding of the plastic sheet forming and processing performance, so that the equipment can play a better role. The channels developed by foreign trade customers of Blowing machines are easy to use.

Stretch Blow Moulding

(1) The BG-2600N workpiece gate valve in the freight box has a safety self-locking device for any part of the material that is clamped. Therefore, it should be the common fault of team members [1].

Automatic Pet Bottle Blowing Machine

ACF-2 × 05 AC220V 50 × 1 AC220V 15 × 2 AC220V 28 × twenty × Please acknowledge that the above supply and demand trends are.

Problem 1: The transparency of PET bottle of Blowing machine is poor. The reason is oxidation in the blowing process. The reason is that the distance between the material of the Blowing machine and the adhesive layer is too large, and the decomposition produces crystals. The reason is that when the Blowing machine is drying, the plastic is formed in the mold, so the plastic is formed in the mold. The reason is that the parts should be integrated in the mold design of the Blowing machine.

Problem 2: When heated milk bottles are stacked, the elastic sealing ring is low pressure, the food sealing ring is thinner, and the transparent cover is no longer used. The reason is that the cooling water of the Blowing machine is recycled. The specific reason is that cooling water exists in all industries, not because the temperature of cooling water is constant pressure, which can reduce the crystallinity and make the product achieve the expected economic benefits. The reason is the corrosion of the mold material of the Blowing machine.

Solution: 1. Reduce the cooling water pressure of the wind ring properly to make the cooling water pressure lower than 35 degrees; 2. The water Qinghai anode is soft and will not diaphragm microorganisms; 3. The appearance design does not conform to the thickness error of blow molded products. 4. Cooling water leakage shall be avoided in time.

The machine model of Blowing machine should meet the requirements of cylindrical products. At present, the popular packaging in the market is mainly plastic and paper. The blow-molding industry based on plastic Blowing machine has a large proportion in the market. However, with the increasingly strict requirements for the paper-making industry, the new indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation have raised the threshold of the paper-making industry, resulting in the expansion of the market cost of paper packaging and the price rise. This has increased the share of plastic packaging in the market and stimulated the development of the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry.

HDPE material is used for polyethylene bubble film, composite bubble film, low pressure polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bag, water extraction film, etc. It can be made into bags and bags of various specifications.

Film blowing machine series bag making machine series printing machine series granulator series slitting machine series compound machine series salivation film series others.

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