The channels developed by foreign trade customers of Blowing machines are easy to use

(Hydraulic screen changer can be used according to customer requirements). The channels developed by foreign trade customers of Blowing machines are easy to use.

According to the production demand, it is necessary to price the products. Consumers can use this channel to make many products, such as mineral water, drinking water, medicine, etc.

As far as the current situation is concerned, the main competitive advantage of domestic Blowing machines in the market is price, and there will be a broad market for Blowing machines in the future. Therefore, the vast majority of manufacturers who choose to buy Blowing machines are becoming increasingly important.

There are many parts of the Blowing machine, especially before installing the Blowing machine, the factor that needs attention is to install all parts of the equipment. There are many kinds of parts, and there are also many kinds of parts. They are classified according to the types of parts.

● Arm swing can be added once every three to four days. The large chain and small chain of the heater can be used once a month. Frequently check whether the main engine reducer and the heater reducer are short of oil. The main engine bearing can be added once every (2-3) months.

plastic blow moulding machine

● Check whether the heating head enters the embryo and the embryo drop part works normally. If the inserting die is not in place, adjust the mounting nut of the pressing die.

● When the machine is running, pay close attention to whether there is abnormal noise in the machine, so as to find it early and stop it in time and solve it early.

● In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button to brake. Then analyze the causes according to the site conditions, find out the problems and solve them quickly.

● After the machine is in normal operation, do not put any part of your body into the machine to prevent the manipulator from hurting people. If the machine has abnormal noise, slow down and observe it.

● After the normal production of the machine, the operator must always observe the quality of the bottle to avoid voltage fluctuation or other reasons affecting the quality of bottle blowing.

● During machine maintenance, press the screen fault maintenance button to ensure safe maintenance. If you need to manually observe the action of each individual mold cavity, please pay attention to the position of the manipulator. At the same time, be sure to understand the function of individual buttons, and then move. Make sure that misoperation causes unnecessary trouble.

The workshop lamps are 1000 yuan, the drawings are only purchased in general, and the quality is only 1000 yuan.

Two sets of imported 40L internal mixers are equipped with a commitment to provide machines for life. The processing capacity of the complete machine can fully meet the standard value. At the same time, the strength of the complete machine is strong.

Fast adjustment, the imported 20-liter TP200B asynchronous electric trimmer and PLC electric adjustment can improve efficiency and efficiency. When you need to open a new window, please observe various operating conditions of the machine. When it is necessary to open the bottle, please observe the progress of the bottle when turning the hand or at the same speed, and set the corresponding steps. The model is adjusted so that the bottle shape can be opened smoothly.

● When the bottle blowing machine operates normally for several hours, the bottle embryo should be heated to a certain temperature, so as to reduce the mechanical failure, and the mold temperature needs to be cooled quickly.

plastic blow molding machine

● If there is any abnormality in the machine mechanism, it needs to be solved in time. If there is abnormal virus in the machine, you can press the emergency stop button to emergency brake.

● When the noise is low, do not use your hands to break it. To avoid similar problems. Ability to reduce noise.

● When designing the air circuit, press the screen fault button to ensure safe maintenance. In any case, it shall keep normal operation.

● When designing the air circuit, the fault display can be pressed on the screen to ensure safe maintenance. When not in use, the machine is trying to be removed in advance.

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