The Blowing machine industry strives to make a breakthrough this year

Weifang Yunlong Transportation Facilities Blowing machine Factory is a company specialized in selling blow molding equipment. Due to the increasing demand of the packaging industry, its output is also increasing. The Blowing machine industry strives to make a breakthrough this year.

Due to the demand of real customers, the demand for cars is increasing. In addition to the demand of the public, the production of cars is also rising. This may cause the car to stay away from the car or have defects, such as car equipment. View details ».

● Spare parts preparation, gate valve and other instruments and equipment: pad welding, fasteners, aluminum plate and solenoid valve, guardrail, plate, printing label.

● Concave and concave surface grinding: zui good groove depth, stable without slope; The parallelism between the cutter head and the cushion template of the whole line is 08mm, and there is an emergency brake device, which is the edge extension mechanism.

● Moving plate, drilling, etc.: the bare plate can bear a 180 ° slope, and the displacement should be considered. Direct compression molding is the active juice breaking with the same position of the sharp knife on the surface as the blade of the demoulding edge, which acts on the removal of the molded mold.

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Honest service, scientific and technological innovation “is our business philosophy,” quality first, pursuit of excellence “is our business philosophy. In the era of keeping pace with the times, we have achieved the concept of keeping pace with the times,” will be excellent service, keeping pace with the times “, and won the satisfaction of many customers.

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