The Blowing machine industry has entered the stage of platform-based development

The tray Blowing machine manufacturer recommends that you regularly maintain and inspect the equipment to find and solve problems in time. The Blowing machine industry has entered the stage of platform-based development. Now the tray Blowing machine manufacturer explains the application and function of the tray Blowing machine for you, and also pays attention to the development trend of the industry.

● The tray Blowing machine is widely used. According to different industry needs, the equipment can match the market needs and play different roles.

● The wide application of tray Blowing machine can provide equipment customization for various industries according to different industries, practical applications and other uses, and ensure a more automated production process.

pet bottle blowing machine

● The output of the tray Blowing machine accounts for about 40%, which can also be adjusted according to the purpose of use. The production efficiency is high, the labor time is saved, and the manual operation is reduced or the weight of the tray Blowing machine is increased. Therefore, it can be adjusted according to the actual requirements of users, and additional consumption can be input from the single plane.

● Drawer structure is used to adjust and modify the tray at any time, so that the operator can install the tray on the transportation.

plastic blow moulding machine

● Its own materials are mainly used as high-energy materials such as wires and cables, transformers, relays, etc. to meet the requirements of colloid.

● It is light in weight and suitable for both feeding track and feeding track in detention period according to the requirements of product size, shape and production speed.

● It is light in weight and can be sealed for more than 24h, or it can be installed with a pneumatic detection switch.

● The heating is composed of infrared ceramic heating brick and heat exchanger. When the temperature of the heating brick rises to a certain temperature, it will generate a lot of heat, make it heated, and keep it in a low temperature state at a certain temperature.

● The temperature control adopts advanced PLC control system with stable performance and simple operation.

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