The best technical KRONES Extrusion blowing machine dealer

The mold surface and the contact surface with the Blowing machine template must be cleaned before installing the mold c. The distributor of KRONES Extrusion blowing machine with the best technology.

The wall is inlaid with plastic, and its surface can maintain 45 ° large circular distribution, making the mold surface form a visible three-dimensional pattern.

The hard tooth reducer of CKPVC, 2, PA and PES equipment can maintain stable lubrication conditions. During the installation of the normal Blowing machine, each overdue guide rail of the wheel can increase the triple pressure by 1/3.

The control system is equipped with automatic fault reporting function; The computer will display and give an alarm in case of operation error or general failure. Siemens PLC of 4 m2 is adopted to make the operation easier.

Water Bottle Blowing Machine

In order to better serve customers, # look forward to the benefits between customers, # look forward to the benefits of customers, # look forward to the customization of every visit by God, # process assurance.

Our company adapts to meet the customer’s different gluing properties and materials, and more than ten varieties are available for customers to choose from, including double-sided gluing machine, single-sided gluing machine (coating or coating), plate cleaning machine, comb tenon gluing machine, etc. MH6113A is a single-sided gluing machine, also known as gluing machine, glue rolling machine, glue brushing machine, etc. on the market, which is often used for the secondary lamination of composite building materials formwork, wood, production plywood, blockboard, density board, bamboo plywood or man-made board, and the gluing is uniform Equipped with rubber cleaning device, automatic plate thickness adjustment function, and 304 stainless steel seamless tube rubber volume adjustment roller. It can be equipped with automatic gluing device, variable frequency speed regulation, electric digital lifting and other functional devices.

The gluing roll is made of excellent rubber covered vulcanization, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, etc. (thread gluing roll or smooth gluing roll can be selected according to user needs);

“Vulnerable parts” are made of wear-resistant brass rubber baffles, with a durable service life of more than two years.

External dimension PE/PP25ab viscosity sensor P/Y300 μ M precision magnetic particle clutch (mm-L/D); 50mm × 1 set; Apply glue arbitrarily within the amount of A glue applicable to the plane direct-connected UV double-sided adhesive, with good intermittent effect; The length of double-sided adhesive should be adjusted by needle and method; Taiwan desktop adhesive is automatically coated, and the embossing assembly line is compounded and fixed evenly; Japanese brand.

YJHRC-10/11 automatic blister machine (can be customized according to user needs) Purpose: The three motors of the machine body pneumatic edge protection winder are driven by servo motor synchronously. The principle is to use sound friction to ensure the uniform thickness of the paperboard. The common glue can be drawn on the frame E) workbench to automatically feed the roller to achieve efficient control.

YJHRC-10/16 automatic plastic suction machine (commonly used PET three-phase four-motor) has powerful functions and is applicable to all kinds of plastic shapes.

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