The best technical dealer of DMK Blowing machine

Control of raw materials is the key to solve the color difference of blow molded products. The distributor of DMK Blowing machine with the best technology.

● Raw materials: i.e. coarse grass, straw white silk, plastic, etc., i.e. coarse grass, old material or African polymer. In addition, its disadvantages include easy mixing, drying, wire hanging, granulating, drying, packaging, etc., which can be recorded in color.

● LSR, XL18M, EVA: namely blow molding or injection stretch blow molding. 15. PE, PP: that is, reinforced PE, PP, etc., which are used as agricultural land within the specified scale at low temperature.

Air pressure: orientation – 07Mpa, press the pressure into the key to the lower temperature, and use the gas supply system. At the same time, set the metering speed to 150-200bar, and the air pressure will be continuously completed. Generally, it is 03~20 bar, the air pressure is above 300 bar, the fan temperature is required to be 20~95 ℃, and the feeding bottle: the wind speed is 35~60 VA, and the granulation is 0~5 min.

● Gas source: originally stored in low pressure gas source to 70BPH, adsorbed in low pressure gas source to 700-450bar, and can be heated by microwave in the whole process. Inventory: 80% pure type.

After the temperature limit of five points, the pipeline growth is warm. The pipeline can use NI-3D printing, photovoltaic isothermal bottle, and PLC to make the cooling system more cooling system.

● Water tank: it is convenient to clean the floating ball at any time. Floating balls are widely used in beverages, milk, yogurt, beverages, cosmetics, detergents, and hardware.

● Material: 1. The gas permeability detector on the material cylinder can adjust the temperature of the pipeline according to the density of different materials and the measurement ratio of time. 2. The breathable air on the membrane drum facilitates the generation of air holes before the die is discharged or during cooling. 3. The breathable air on the membrane drum and between the mouth mold of the film blowing machine are used to pack the machines that are easy to blow or cannot rotate with materials.

● It is necessary to regularly clean the high-voltage transformer, discharge roller, discharge rack, electric cabinet, and adjust the discharge gap.

● The machine can be used voluntarily without shutdown. It is required to clean and maintain the machine. The machine and oil pot should be cleaned regularly to ensure no leakage. Paper towels should be placed to ensure no leakage.

● All electrical components of the whole machine are famous brands in the industry to ensure the high efficiency and safe use of the equipment, and key parts are made of excellent stainless steel parts to ensure the convenience of customers.

● The main machine adopts imported frequency converter, which ensures the reliability and long-term operation of the machine, and the blown film quality is stable, clean and beautiful.

● It is strictly forbidden for workers to go to the machine platform for feeding to avoid electric shock. The safety door switch and the manipulator are limited to avoid the life of exhibitors.

● Electrical interlock is provided to prevent emergency. When the machine is stopped, operators are not allowed to enter to avoid accidents. All machines are equipped with safety switches to prevent accidents when the machine is started.

● It is equipped with inductor to realize high-pressure intervention by adding drying agent into the plastic mold in the sterilizer.

● The width and height of the lamp tube and reflector in the heating zone can be adjusted to adapt to the heating of the preforms with different structures, and there is an automatic temperature exhaust device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying channel;

● Each mechanical action has a safety switch. When a process fails, the program will automatically switch to a safe state;

● The air circuit design divides the action and air blowing into three parts to meet the requirements of different air pressures for bottle blowing and action;

● Spring type air valve is applicable to various types of air sources, such as pre-blowing (, air diameter). The high-pressure air valve in the positive/negative direction acts stably;

● Elbow type air valve, the high pressure at the pin tightening point is below 45 degrees, and it can absorb the high pressure when the high pressure is high. If the insertion and adjustment distance is inconsistent, it can reduce the power saving effect of the whole air valve;

● Trimming: because the pipe is metal, there is corrosion resistance electricity in the pipe, and also has wear-resistant corrosion function, which is more suitable for long-term viewing.

● Air valve type air valve, the plug does not need too much oil pressure, and has a long service life, and the energy-saving effect of pressure machinery is obvious.

● Due to the pipeline system: Zekang Xinrui old diverter valve, check valve, Kailian screen changer, etc., Kailian screen changer is dazzling, which will help you to a certain extent.

Blow Molding Machine

● Equipment humidity: disordered needle, rodless needle: its value is large, the medium flow rate is relatively slow, and it should be taken into account when applying. The production stagnation time and work efficiency are high.

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