The best reputable blowing machine company for producing fruit juice beverage bottles

The blowing machine company with the best reputation for producing fruit juice beverage bottles accounts for many special effects of flat silk Mick and is highly praised by new and old customers at home and abroad.

Many friends may have a lot of experience themselves, but there are also some that are difficult to master. We all hope to master these things ourselves.

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In fact, milk bottles can be recycled with particles. Many friends believe that this is a packaging material that is somewhere between environmentally friendly resins. For example, for dairy products, recycling is the best option. They believe that the recycling of finished products is a beneficial step for consumers.

In fact, according to different packaging forms, there are also various types of bottle blowing machines. When packaging, the quality of the bottle must rely on imitation. To ensure the quality of the packaged product, emphasis should be placed on suction, color, mold color, etc.

Use an infrared high-temperature lamp to irradiate bottles, hand sanitizers, disinfect and quickly dry hydraulic oil. When the bottle is in a cooling state, the temperature improves and it enters the bottle shape.

In doing so, the bottle size is quite special, and each stroke needs to be molded. Today, the editor will definitely follow the bottle blowing technique and try out the operation method of the bottle blowing machine, which is very troublesome.

Every year, a large number of small plastic bottle manufacturers or packaging workshops close down, and these manufacturers have to use bottle manufacturing equipment in their hands. A machine has a 90000 level bottle preform, a 30000 level bottle preform, and a 100000 level bottle preform. It can produce 0-250000 large bottle bodies and at least 300000 preforms per hour. For over a decade, it only took a few dozen to thirty working days. Most of them are semi-automatic and fully automatic. The bottle is formed by a preform lifting machine, a mold tilting bucket, a heating and drying channel, a bottom mold removal, preform inspection, a robotic arm, and a semi closed loop processing. Take back the second-hand two-step bottle blowing machine for a longer period of time; Products stored for more than 15 years. 36000 waste per hour, collected from a second-hand two-step bottle blowing machine.

Through this system control, we can accurately control the temperature of the machine, various bottle preform temperatures, bottlenecks, positioning, and control the storage time of bottle preforms. The mold proceeds to the next step through locking, stretching, pre blowing, and blowing. The mold structure of each part is also composed of operating systems such as mold locking and robotic arms.

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The bottle is cooled by solar energy ejected from the air-cooled mold surface, and when sprayed with strong water vapor, a smooth bottle can be obtained.

The bottle is gradually stretched faster by the high cycle heating of the air-cooled mold surface, in order to achieve the purpose of maintaining drug pressure.

When heating, the bottle preform cannot enter the jc-9HP range, but the operating speed of the per capita part of the host is a photoelectric switch, controlled by a microcomputer, and a single heating position is independent control for personal functions< eod>。

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