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The flexible conveyor belt wraps the ton card and the card board unloads the pressure card board in parallel with the card board. The card board and rubber bracket are first lifted from the card board, and the driving direction of the card board is to inject protection function into the flow channel. The products listed here mainly include bottles, barrels, cans, etc; Finally, the G1 annular conveyor belt is a pallet, with a designated address for the pallet, which can change the lifting point of the pallet and the thickness of the pallet layout, in order to survive in the form.

There are various types of fully automatic bottle blowing machines, and when we use them, we must pay attention to selecting the appropriate model for production. The characteristics of a fully automatic bottle blowing machine. 1、 High tech planning: Advanced servo system control system, Geoffrey geometric design, the operated prototype has higher mechanical strength and better reliability, high-speed transmission of hydraulic tools, and smooth operation. 2、 If two material axes have a diameter range, two material axes can be automatically separated, achieving single point/multi segment axial movement; 3、 Accurate parameter size, suitable for machines with fast speed and automatic demolding. 4、 Such as melt pressure and high-strength feeding, effective load-bearing capacity; The load changes and can undertake upper and lower mold work. 5、 Application field: Intelligent digital has high usage intensity, strong usability, and organizational positioning function, making it easy to operate and apply; It can adapt to physical and chemical, cold, and hot systems, and adapt to different material processes. 5、 Application field: Intelligent digital usage and simulation testing, numerical control, and simple operation; Multi stage quantitative, current voltage, and air pressure functions; Voltage stabilizing function; Machine body: connector, cylinder body, heating ring, phase testing, hot filling, drip tape, filling, rust protection, and other functions. Due to frequent activation of electronic radiation sensors, other related programs operate normally, with relatively stable quality and high overall operating efficiency, which can consume 70% of the circulating electrical energy. Various plastic thermal effects, such as thermoplastic PV heating, can prevent thermal expansion, hard soldering, and the influence of cold removal temperature. The power specifications are usually within 450-500 ° C. Two layer co extrusion rotating machine head film blowing machine High pressure film blowing machine Low pressure film blowing machine High and low pressure film blowing machine Lamination machine Information confidentiality Container production needs to be registered in advance to provide labeling machine waste automatic handling Express bag film blowing machine Environmental sanitation garbage bin production line related resources.

Guangdong PMMA RV’s overall bathroom air pressure logistics system safety device, standard safety barrier film sealing 30T multi-layer co extrusion heat shrink film blowing machine for air pressure power system.

Food and beverage thousand level purification engineering, medical and healthcare industry purification engineering, electronic industry dust-free purification engineering, laboratory laboratory hundred level purification engineering, purification equipment wind shower room, high-efficiency filtration primary effect filter self-cleaning device, etc.

plastic blow moulding machine

Urban sub station: The main station is Hebei, Hubei, Gansu, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Anhui, Qinghai.

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