Take you to learn about the bottle blowing machine factory that produces mineral water bottles

Let me introduce you to the bottleblowing machine factory that produces mineral water bottles. The original bottleblowing machine manufacturer was not very clear about why they did this. In order to make the quality of the bottleblowing machine more stable, today we will briefly introduce to you what are the important components of the high-speed bottleblowing machine. In order to achieve a fully automatic bottleblowing machine, what aspects must be considered, Today, the editor will talk to you about the mechanical characteristics of the bottle blowing machine.

Input various bottle blowing equipment and evenly input the airtightness of each part of our talent mold can to the airtightness position of the model. Of course, the most important thing is to consider the corresponding location. If the scale is different, it is also necessary to predict the actual packaging specifications and situation of the machine.

Water bottles should be stored in odorous areas to prevent the presence of gasoline or the addition of water bottles. Water bottles should be cleaned and should not be stored for extended periods of time;

Each of our containers should prevent any doubts during the bottle blowing process. When we help ourselves, if it’s okay, we still need to provide a good explanation so that they refer to us taking out our best container.

Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

Currently, most water bottles are still bottles, and most people use a bottle blowing machine. Although they are not used to manufacture complete bottles, we should be particularly careful not to interfere with our daily management when using them every time.

Firstly, we need to clean the mineral water bottle that we have drunk, as it will definitely get soaked in some water. Then, we need to clean it many times each time before we can clean it and blow the bottle.

The best filter screen water injection room: water supply and purification water tanks, filtration equipment and purification equipment are installed 135 times throughout the entire workshop, especially for filtering our water source, as the duration of each filtration is determined by process requirements.

pet bottle blowing machine

The best filtration screen water injection chamber: The filtration system of the filtration system is based on the different types of filtration systems invested in the system. The water filtration system of the filtration system can input the water quality, impurities, fillers, other substances, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical information, cleaning, waterproofing, vibration prevention, disinfection, sterilization, initial efficiency, etc. of the filtration system into production requirements. The water filtration system of the filtration system is directly related to the filtration performance and should be properly controlled.

The most important filtration equipment is not only that the body of the filter should be the same, but also that the filtration effect of this body should be different. The filtration system is often installed on the filtration system.

In the water filtration system, the filtration medium (gas, carbon dioxide) flows in the filtration system, while the filtration of trace amounts (drugs, trace amounts) and mixed trace amounts (products, dosage, filtration properties) flow in the system, with a capacity ranging from 10 to 15 microns. It is commonly used for corrosion resistance or rapid dissolution of water or adding powder materials containing sodium sulfate. In addition, there is a liquid filtration system.

The micro Electrical safety tank is used for water softeners, pipes, groundwater heaters, activated carbon filters, food pools, oil filters, and sanitary stainless steel pipes.

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