Take you to know the KRONES Blowing machine dealer

ASB 50MB PET stretch Blowing machine We are looking for the year of the stretch Blowing machine. Let me show you the KRONES Blowing machine dealer.

KTD series Blowing machines bring convenience to consumers. They reduce labor costs, solve motion fatigue and reduce costs. It pushes the big bottle blowing machine by hand, and it doesn’t need to buy a bottle blowing machine by force, so the cost will not be a problem.

When purchasing urban building materials, the first thing we can see is the large factory building structure. However, people often see some things, such as some vehicles. These things are not fixed on the bag. Some are blow-molded toys, such as ultra-long ones, which are convenient to use.

PET Bottle Making Machine

There is a leading blow molding processing factory in the entrance, and their blow molding technology is also quite high, especially in packaging.

KTD series Blowing machines have brought many convenience to consumers. After all, they are fully automatic bottle blowing machines and do not need manual operation. This can well determine the quality of parison and control the cost.

In fact, the most advanced V-shaped rotary bottle blowing machine has a high distance in both the overall state and the positioning accuracy. No matter in.

※ The correct specification is subject to the actual model. In the market, the price of the machine is generally 100, and the most important machine is to fix a monochrome machine, unless it is a two-color machine.

We win the trust of new and old customers with excellent quality, solid price and considerate after-sales service. Creating first-class products and satisfying customers is our biggest wish!

Linear full-automatic bottle-blowing machine Full-electric high-speed full-automatic bottle-blowing machine PET wide-mouth full-automatic bottle-blowing machine is directly connected to the injection molding machine Hand-inserted automatic bottle-blowing machine Semi-automatic bottle-blowing machine Tube embryo mold Blowing mold auxiliary equipment Bottle blank bottle cap.

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