Take you to know the distributor of MEGA Blowing machine

Chongqing Automobile Air Duct Plastic Vent Pipe Automobile Water Tank Diesel Tank Blowing machine Blow Molding Equipment Manufacturer. Take you to know the distributor of MEGA Blowing machine.

As the Blowing machine for the plastic ventilation pipe of the automobile air duct and the diesel tank of the automobile water tank in Chongqing, it is a jet Blowing machine for the automobile in Chongqing, providing better cooling water, blow molding molds, plastic profiles and other products. It can also provide high-quality cooling water. There are several common features: water-cooled chiller, cold storage mold heater, and air duct. And vacuum suction spring using air valve or air duct.

The design team is Chongqing automobile air duct plastic casting machine Blowing machine air pressure device water ring rubber tube diesel special cabinet large blister Blowing machine manufacturer fresh cold storage logistics large blister air compressor adsorption equipment pipe dryer copy installation plastic raw material processing plant plastic material flow turnover box surface processing electric rectifier diaphragm pump fin screen paint electric frame blower paper cutter PP PE carrier fresh cold storage dry Dryer crystal processing can cake machine anti-theft door manufacturer circular LED screen extruder YD-E160 polypropylene (15HMWPE) extruder thermoplastic elastomer (T98CARB150) extruder flexographic printing machine Wenzhou plastic inflatable molding machine.

● Output: 600PCS, 3PCS, grade: 200 kg/h, die head 1mm, thickness: – 8mm, thinness: – 5mm, etc.

Water Bottle Making Machine

● Air source: Bottle blowers need to be used with air source because they are all pneumatic devices. The combination of air compressor and bottle blowing machine is very important. They should meet each other, so as to save insufficient air pressure or excessive waste of resources, which can not achieve the goal of maximizing the energy efficiency ratio and saving costs. To achieve Dejie, we should not only produce physical samples, but also research subject films, so we should implement 5S procedures. 4、 During the working period, the pre-disposal link and the protection of various commodities; The production of the locomotive was stopped at that time, and now the equipment is based on all sticky and liquid, free movement direction and completely convenient packaging.

● Liftable bottle blowing machine shall be equipped with well-known brands, such as RMB, Japan&NN, RT series, AH series, FAUR multi-layer, etc. The following data can also be noted, such as single, double, CM series, composite, seat series, etc.

● Do not use a forklift to cooperate with the lifting rod, and do not swing the hand vertically to prevent the voltage from shaking. When starting the rolling water bottle, it is not allowed to knock the water bottle with plastic particles, otherwise it will cause articles that cannot be dried.

● Do not use a forklift to cooperate with the lifting rod to avoid voltage fluctuation. The mechanical structure is simple and can work under high pressure to avoid moving load.

● When the bottle blowing machine is working, PLC program control is light, fast and stable. 2. LCD human-machine interface and touch screen adjustment are adopted. 3. The operation method is intuitive and safe. Optional touch screen can display operation, demand and personnel in real time for easy maintenance. 4. The servo motor automatically synchronizes each action of feeding and heating, pays attention to the operation of the manipulator, and automatically stops when the label is lost. 5. Bottle blowing machine.

blow machine plastic

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