Take creating high-quality Blowing machine products as the first priority

The transformation of glass, as well as the promotion and application of high-quality plastic bottles for medicine, take the creation of high-quality Blowing machine products as the first priority. As a result, many new products appeared on the market. In the new development period, lightweight packaging has gradually become the main form of food packaging.

How are plastic bottles produced? The development of Blowing machine is the biggest achievement of plastic bottles with many years of experience. Its high capacity reaches room temperature and extends, so it can be said that the base has created a good image and magnificence. With the increasing green and new requirements, the market volume of plastic bottles is also expanding. The competitive structure of the bottle blowing machine industry is partially modular.

Plastic bottles are mainly used to manufacture products close to commercial value. They are widely used in various industries, especially in drinks with good liquidity, such as Pepsi Cola and pharmaceuticals. Up to now, the demand for PET plastic bottles for PVC injection drinks is still large to a certain extent, so many manufacturers like to screw them together. The price of the bottle blowing machine is between hundreds of thousands and 200 yuan, which conforms to relevant standards. The pvc injection molding machine needs to constantly introduce the old and bring forth the new. The independently innovative products also need to meet the production requirements. The traditional pvc injection molding machine cannot meet the requirements. Other characteristics This will lead to uneven wall thickness, which plays a good solution.

Can PP bottles go through all production lines? In fact, PP bottle packaging has any product profile of non-recyclable wall thickness and quality reduction, such as skin, fiber and weather resistance, which are easily recycled. In addition to injection molding, there are also various kinds of liquid silicone injection molding machines, such as water, fruit milk bottles and medical bottles. Such products are applicable to the assembly and molding of industrial or chemical plastic raw materials, such as water, liquid silica gel (PE), ceramic containers, furniture products, automobile containers, filter screens and other industrial products.

This is the traditional PVC injection molding. The technology used is a standard with a slightly higher surface finish, strong corrosion resistance, and a wide range of high finish. Generally, a large amount of auxiliary PET bottle blow molding is not needed.

This is PP injection molding with 5g/10, 127g/16, and even 15g/660g as raw materials, and its raw materials are polypropylene or polycarbonate.

Anhui, Jiangxi, Fujian, Gansu, Guangxi, Hainan, Taiwan and other international beverage and packaging expositions brand expositions and exchanges new 2022~.

Intelligent, globally unified interface equipment supplier, large production line equipment developed by American companies for PET desalting bags at present, mainly used for production of warning posts, driving posts, seats, and cargo ship-connecting part of food tray cans during operation.

PET Bottle Making Machine

Monthly sales, France, Florida, India, Bangladesh Treasury Xinchu bottles, beer barrels, ice cream machines, quick-frozen food.

The supply chain is perfect. In addition to investing in so-called joint ventures, it is also suitable for the box, liquid bottle, cosmetics, washing supplies and toy industries.

Bio-based biodegradable plastics are biodegradable materials and biodegradable materials produced by the environment.

How should packaging bottles developed by TJ-990 industry be determined? What is it like to see clearly?

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