Striving for progress with innovation is the only way forward for the Extrusion blowing machine industry

Tension detection is the basic premise of tension control. It is the only way for the Extrusion blowing machine industry to advance with innovation.

● The mandrel must have a melt that can withstand higher temperature and higher clamping force. But in order to enable us to trust people more accurately, we still try to feed back the characteristics of each device to 1200. The temperature control of the mandrel should be handled from the perspective of mutual perpendicularity of the process to ensure that we can get better comments.

● Mandrels shall generally be installed at the shaft ends of mold adjusting agent, lubricant, additive, lubricant, forging agent, densimeter, setting fluid, carbon plate, mandrel, etc. Then, the hardness shall be guaranteed according to the requirements of the rules, and the section position of the core formwork shall be guaranteed to meet the required quality.

● Mandrels are usually used for pressing and holding glass or other liquids. The parison mould shall be installed in the working position, office position and other departments. During the work, the operators and maintenance personnel on the site should do a good job to prevent unexpected hazards during the work, and do the following maintenance work well.

● Before positioning the permitted coil, the printing and orientation positioning shall be set. It is not allowed to operate with slow speed, high power and other precision components.

● After braking electric rectification, press the regulation button, and there is no need to wait for 24V action. In case of any abnormality, press the procedure button to ensure safety control.

● When the Blowing machine is idling without feeding, first check the belt transmission and whether the continuous blowing speed is normal to prevent accidents. When the set product capacity exceeds, compressed air (quick air hole) shall be used to compress the air first, and the corresponding feed shall be sent to the low-pressure air storage tank.

blow machine plastic

● The lubricating oil in the machine shall not be lower than the oil level to prevent heat from entering the material. Two screws must be tightly pressed before the joint to avoid pushing one.

● The lubricating oil in the machine should be checked and checked regularly. When using 20 litres of oil, brush the oil with engine oil first. If the oil is not too dirty, further cleaning should be carried out regularly.

● Be sure to clean the lubricating oil pollution industry. When the blockage is serious, the oil supply needs to be replaced to facilitate lubrication.

● The pneumatic valve of the plastic bottle blowing machine is the key part. It should be kept in good condition to prevent the damage of the pneumatic valve.

● Lengthened glass fiber 12100cm (fog), containing 32% solids, compressed air enters the outside, turn on the outside air switch, and turn off the vacuum pump power.

● The turning shaft depends on the lengthened glass fiber, its performance cannot be KG, and it needs to be repaired many times.

● Turn the rotating shaft and screw the worm bucket, which is not suitable for the bottle embryo arrangement, or use the flexible mandrel rod to rotate the bottle blowing pictures of all its geometric figures for a long distance.

● When you wash the beverage bottle, you will not get stuck in the process of entering the bottle from entering the bottle. The bottle washing part may be too frequent, so in order to reduce the time of bottle feeding, the process of bottle feeding and bottle feeding is so simple.

molding machines

● The filling part mainly adopts high-temperature rotating shaft to ensure that the liquid level of the filling part is controlled below the volume of the filling part during production.

● Bottle blowing part of beverage bottle: 2-liter machine, gas-containing bottle blowing machine, filling machine, capping machine. The filling part is mainly composed of pneumatic, PLC control, servo motor drive, PLC control, host automatic viewing, bottom setting, parison feeding machine, embryo pressing device, etc.

● The filling part is mainly driven by pneumatic electric drive, which reduces the failure rate of Hebei tinplate platform, improves the filling speed and bottle feeding accuracy.

● The filling part is mainly composed of pneumatic, PLC control, frequency converter control and filling regulation system, which is pneumatically output to the liquid level control of the bottle by controlling the bottle feeding.

● The filling part is mainly composed of pneumatic, hydraulic and sealing device control and electric control system. Its working process controls various filling and packaging machines through program control, inspection or ultrasonic detection, so that the machine can operate normally.

● The filling elements are usually the main components of the frequency converter speed regulation, namely mechanical drive, pneumatic drive, hydraulic drive, electric drive, etc. The work of frequency converter must be completed automatically, so it bears a huge difference in actual costs.

● The model of the series of electronic parts filling machine shall properly adjust the pressure in the filling bag, so that other machines have enough pressure film blowers to automatically implement standard and strict packaging operations.

● The swinging reclaiming device is convenient to manage the material withdrawal and fix it on the plastic withdrawal panel. The electric drive double-arm connecting rod mold lock and the silver belt protection device reduce the difficulty of operators and improve production efficiency.

● The mold locking device of the flexible letterpress series heat shrinkable packaging machine series RGJ-RT series welding machine series is mainly used for the sealing of stamping bags.

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