Some market data of Blowing machine products

Refer to the blow-molding products delivered with the blow-molding mold for repair, carefully check the problems of the mold, and start from the following aspects: some market data of the Blowing machine products. Using the pressure of high-pressure gas to check products, compared with ordinary Blowing machines, can make the mold produce less annual production. For example, the recycling of waste plastics is put into the aluminum-plastic platform. From plastic particle raw materials to blow molding molds, the latter is needed for recycling recycled plastics. See more.

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In order to meet the demand of mass production rather than exclusive plastic containers for the last category of products, the Blowing machine manufacturer recommends that no parts should be replaced to avoid purchasing a little green plastic for parts.

● Injection device: the equipment of injection machine and Blowing machine has been in normal state, and it is not necessary to replace accessories. Special activities should be shortened as much as possible. Only when a large number of customers use plastic fuel tanks can they be allowed to enter the gas recovery system of plastic fuel tanks. This new device can not only recover the gas from plastic fuel tanks.

● Compared with ordinary air cylinder and hydraulic station, the output carrier of the Blowing machine has high impact resistance and is made into thin or thin pieces. It is widely used in plastic textile rubber, plastic compound extrusion or injection leather injection.

● The shaft drive is fully open and no fault is filled. The main drive pitch valve, the waste edge of the unwashed filter screen and the parts are damaged.

● The surface of the new plastic runner is polished with stainless steel to make the cleaned plastic raw material more beautiful. The new plastic runner is designed to bend and reduce the scratch at the exit of the chain.

● During normal operation, after the waste water is discharged, dry the materials on the machine to prevent carbonization of materials. The lubricating oil at the end of the discharge axis is tightened with an assistant.

● According to the melting theory of plastics, the extruder screw of blown film is divided into three sections: feeding section, melting section and homogenizing section. At the end of the feeding section and at the beginning of the melting section, according to the melting theory, its temperature should be the viscous flow temperature. At the end of the blow molding section, the temperature should be the viscous flow temperature according to the melting theory. Viscous flow temperatures of various blowing resins are PP: 164 ° C-175 ° C, PE: 105 ° C-135 ° C, PA: 195 ° C-210 ° C.

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The preliminary analysis shows that the preparation before starting the bag-making machine is what needs to be prepared, and how to improve the production efficiency of the bag-making machine. Let’s look at how to effectively control the fault of the bag-making machine.

First of all, we need to make clear the types of bag making machines. At present, the main bag making machines on the market are plastic bag making machines, non-woven bag making machines, pearl cotton bag making machines, EPE bag making machines, chain clip bag making machines, multi-functional blow-film bag making and printing integrated machines, etc. We need to make clear what kind of machine we are doing, and then how to solve the problem of raw materials. If we understand these problems, we can avoid many problems.

● The selection and purchase of high-speed bag making machine mainly depends on the functional configuration and materials of the machine. When you go to the bag-making machine factory to see the machinery, you should first look at the functional configuration of the bag-making machine, whether it is suitable for your own needs, and understand the working principle of the bag-making machine; Secondly, it depends on the quality of the electrical components of the bag-making machine and the working mechanical components. If the bag-making machine is equipped with high-quality electrical components, the machine can be used for several years or even longer; Another is to see whether the frame structure of the bag-making machine is made of thick and durable belt with static electricity on the belt pulley; Then make the belt pulley and other features a little bit.

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