Six details of developing overseas Extrusion blowing machine customers

Heilongjiang ABA three-layer co-Extrusion blowing machine how much is the detailed introduction of regional products and six details of developing overseas Extrusion blowing machine customers.

Stretch Blow Moulding

First of all, we need to make clear the types of bag making machines. At present, the main bag making machines on the market are plastic bag making machines, non-woven bag making machines, pearl cotton bag making machines, EPE bag making machines, chain clip bag making machines, multi-functional blow-film bag making and printing integrated machines, etc. We need to make clear what kind of machine we are doing, and then how to solve the problem of raw materials. If we understand these problems, we can avoid many problems.

● The selection and purchase of high-speed bag making machine mainly depends on the functional configuration and materials of the machine. When you go to the bag-making machine factory to see the machinery, you should first look at the functional configuration of the bag-making machine, whether it is suitable for your own needs, and understand the working principle of the bag-making machine; Secondly, it depends on the quality of the electrical components of the bag-making machine and the working mechanical components. If the bag-making machine is equipped with high-quality electrical components, the machine can be used for several years or even longer; Another is to see whether the frame structure of the bag machine is made of thick and durable metal lattice, and whether it is thick and durable; While looking at the frame structure of the bag-making machine, whether it is made of thick and durable metal lattice, and whether it is a standard zigzag shape, so in fact, the main machine does not need to be tightened, but ensures the synchronous use of the straight side. This kind of mainframe is often used for folding, cutting and large classification of cartons, especially for small wall thickness trademark (PE) packaging (aluminum plate) packaging (EPE) packaging (FM) packaging (caliber).

The working principle of the whole system of the automatic non-woven bag making machine is relatively simple. Because it only needs to supply the stretching cylinder and pre-blowing air, then press the gas off button, and then select the thick film on the photoelectric head, the two different problems have been improved, and are applicable to two different films: PE, POF, PVC, PS, PA, PMMA, EVOH, EVA, PBT, LCP, PPO, EVA, LCP, PPE, EVA, PPE, PET, PMMA, PPE, PET, PPE, PP, etc.

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