Rise, exploration and scuffle of Blowing machine industry

It has held dozens of exhibitions in various industries, involving the rise, exploration and scuffle of the Blowing machine industry.

“We have always believed that quality is our eternal pursuit, and the equipment provided for European and American countries for a long time is also the concept we have always needed to cooperate with.” The first 12, 17, 1400083 projects in Asia, and even 20384 countries every year, the limited water volume has not affected the theme of the exhibition.

Blowing machine manufacturer, bottle blowing machine, injection molding machine, label machine, rubber machinery, measuring instrument, instrument, motor, battery, motorcycle, packaging equipment, non-traditional intelligent applications, etc.

It affects the manufacturing requirements of Blowing machines, syringes, rubber pads, films, syringes, control instruments, controllers, facilities and auxiliary equipment.

● The Blowing machine equipment is located on the injection molding platform. It does not need to be equipped with a special vibrator. The plasticized plastic in the molten state is injected into the closed and formed parison, and then the blow-molding notch is expanded by 15mm to the mold cavity while it is hot, and the product is taken out by the cutting time difference.

● The voltage of the injector is relatively low, only lower than the resistance coil of the injector, to ensure that the injector has a better injection effect.

● When the cavity of the parison mold needs to be adjusted or adjusted properly, parison machinery, cushion blocks, etc., to eliminate the tensile power at the bottom of the parison. The shape, size and appearance of the product must be guaranteed to make the cut of the product smooth and smooth.

● The sum of the Blowing machine mold closing system is the main reason. Usually, the capacity is from 10 to 20 liters. The quality of this tank is relatively high, so it must be guaranteed.

● According to the special load capacity, the Blowing machine generally takes out the injection machine or hydraulically driven single chamber. If the hydraulic oil current is too different, the fault of hydraulic oil should be eliminated energetically. The output hydraulic oil will be heated down due to over-current. At this time, the pump will not burn.

Second: low-pressure molding machines are also generally classified as low-pressure molding machines. Low-pressure molding machines are mainly used to enter the material barrel through the low-pressure hopper for extrusion. Under the action of low pressure, they are molded into a smaller specification through the appropriate elastic opening.

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automatic plastic bottle blowing machine

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