Professional technical knowledge of bottle blowing machines for producing mineral water bottles

Professional technical knowledge of bottle blowing machine for producing mineral water bottles. Manufacturing and installation of glass bottles: From raw materials to finished product packaging, differences in application need to be considered, and the rack of the equipment needs to consider the requirements for replacing equipment parts and molds. The entire process needs to be short in production cycle and needs to be adjusted and controlled according to specific requirements. The installation of the heating furnace should ensure that the heating temperature of each part is high, so that the bottle preform can be fully and evenly formed.

It is now used in clothing, shoes, tobacco and alcohol, beverages, gifts, octagonal grains, etc. The software and hardware that achieve personalized hosting for young people are the best.

The fully automatic PET bottle blowing machine is currently mainly used for PET bottles, water bottles, preforms that require bottle making, and other packaging containers. Although personalized bottle height, the bottle can withstand high temperatures and therefore will not be affected by external forces. Modern science and simplified design are trends that individuals see as market development, reflecting their advantages such as high technological content, long operation length, low delivery costs, and stable quality.

Bottle Blowing Machine

In addition, early PET bottle blowing machines had modern characteristics for PET bottles, whether they were PC and PET plastic bottles or PC and PET plastic bottles. The reason why they achieve high-temperature disinfection of bottles requires bottle making, as they generally use high-pressure and water cooling. In recent years, PET bottle blowing machines have become simpler and more durable due to the addition of a water vapor evaporator for cooling control.

The bottle body is a hot filled bottle with a relatively high density, which is directly fed into the PET bottle by understanding its resistance to external forces. If the production of plastic bottles requires high-temperature heating and vacuum treatment, using high-temperature treatment can reduce the volume of this problem, and multiple types of polyester can also be used for production.

The temperature resistance of sealed plastic packaging bottles is strong, and they may not have a appearance similar to low density after being heated at high temperatures in PET plastic bottles. However, their temperature resistance is poor, and they can be moved forward or backward from the size of the hot filled bottle. Reinforcing ribs. Of course, this should mainly be judged based on the comprehensive needs of the bottom and bottom of the plastic bottle.

In addition, the opening and strength of PET plastic packaging bottles should not be too high, as they have a relatively long storage time and are often maintained at high temperatures. This type of plastic packaging bottle has a large number of bottle mouths, such as requiring a longer time. It is recommended to keep the bottom of the bottle mouth sealed, but the temperature should not be lower than 95 ° C.

The bottle body is a cylindrical shape in the shape of a can, mainly for the part that has been stored for a relatively long time. It requires a high strength of the tank body, and for aluminum shells, it requires that the bottle preform made of aluminum be stored for a relatively long time. What key points should be paid attention to when making a selection? Below, we will introduce them separately< eod>。

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