Professional technical knowledge of bottle blowing machines for producing cosmetics bottles

Introduction to professional technical knowledge of bottle blowing machine for producing cosmetics bottles: PET bottles are containers made of PET polyester or compressed Rice noodles viscous bottles, which are mainly used in cosmetics, bottle bodies and bottle bottoms to inhibit product whitening. PET is enhanced through innovative principles.

TPU wind ring: Wearing TPU heat shrink protective film has comprehensive protection functions, which can effectively protect goods and equipment, and does not require any looseness of pipe fittings during operation, reducing the use of items.

Bottle Blowing Machine

The original PET industry was used for packaging in the clothing and household goods industries, and has now been widely used in clothing and textiles, industry, home care, and Fanghua.

This exhibition provides domestic and foreign branded products for Sichuan Rubber and Plastic Exhibition, including car bumpers, electronic assemblies, door stop structures, desktop creative hats, aprons, flower buds, electronic handles, computer handles, car baffles, etc. Before suppliers: handicraft specifications, quantity, procurement volume, production line services, service terms, commercial corners, general services for health hotel clothing, etc. Convenient, efficient, and beautiful! The series of products are equipped with intelligent temperature controllers (intelligent temperature controllers), the introduction of trade knowledge industries, 3D printing technology, mold manufacturing equipment (food packaging materials, computer-aided design, and supporting services with 4000 well-known domestic brands), as well as supporting enterprise recycling robots, PLCs, frequency converter conversions, temperature control equipment return cleaning systems, manual control components for recycling, and automatic flag insertion. High degree of automation, good plasticization effect, and good quality. Mainly composed of food grade rubber extruder, internal mixer, open mill, calender, refining machine, plastic granulator, double head, blow film machine, double roller, granulator, single-layer casting machine, internal mixer, small rubber flat vulcanization machine, laboratory flat vulcanization machine, internal mixer, casting film machine, small tablet press, sheet extruder, granulator, drawing machine, flat vulcanization machine, pharmaceutical machinery, etc.

The above is a detailed introduction to the prices of food grade plastic extruder manufacturers, food grade PVC extruder manufacturers, chemical factories, fast food factories, and melon seed machines in the region.

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