Process Flow Diagram of Blowing Machine for Producing Plastic Bottles

The process flow diagram of the blowing machine for producing plastic bottles. Since its launch, this equipment has been trusted and supported by people from all walks of life. Friends can purchase with confidence!

Stretch Blow Moulding

Close the gas switch, start the oil pipe at one end of the gas cylinder, adjust the air pressure to 120-230 ° C, and automatically lift the gas cylinder;

The winding roller, air compressor air storage tank, glue roller, and mechanical finger fixed material free air compressor can be easily started.

● Punching; The air storage tank of the air compressor and the rubber roller are very stable, with gas-liquid pressurization, and the machine does not produce flammable materials;

Synchronous motors should be kept clean and of safer use quality; Gas-liquid pressurization, without the need for precise control by an oil press.

● Control glue: proportional flow, using digital proportional components for precise control; Stable performance, available in powder, granular, or block shapes;

Temperature: Working temperature: 220 ° C, degrees, 300 ° C, applicable range: suitable for conveying media such as vulcanized rubber, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, and flexible coating;

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The machine operates at a fast speed, using a single stage governor to drive dual stage speed regulation. The linear transmission method comes with its own power and uses a magnetic powder brake. Electricity. Widely used in PET bottle preform control;

Adopting a constant pressure and temperature regulation method to control the heating of the bottle embryo by the infrared lamp tube, ensuring that the heating of the bottle embryo is appropriate, accurate, and stable, and is not affected by changes in input voltage.

All plastic parts adopt high-pressure locking molds, ensuring the maximum speed and accuracy of the machine’s flow rate.

The pneumatic part adopts a high-pressure connecting rod structure, also known as a high-pressure connecting rod. Depending on the product material and process gas positioning, the bottle blowing speed also increases.

The pneumatic part adopts hydraulic driven hyperbolic arm connecting rod locking mold, and its effective maintenance level is not the quality inspection system for triangular iron bottle billets.

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