Precautions for delivery process of Extrusion blowing machine

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Automatic Pet Blowing Machine

● Two-color injection molding machines have high operating efficiency and can be used at the lowest cost. However, it is necessary to deeply study the industry principle, find out the fundamental principle and digest it. In fact, their advantages in equipment have gradually been fully reflected.

PET Blowing Machine

● The two-color injection molding machine is highly automated and difficult to start. Today, let’s have a detailed understanding of why the two-color injection molding machine runs a little slower in these comparisons. It swings left and right, the motor swings up and down, and the ABS plastic pulls at the maximum speed during the biaxial stretching process. This machine can also ensure that the machines can work together for a long time. Therefore, fatigue problems often occur in some steps, and the slow working speed affects the process of machinery. Next, Xiaobian will share the advantages of two-color plastic injection molding machine with you. Let’s have a look.

● The time required for the output shaft of the two-color injection molding machine is narrow, but the specification is small. The two-color injection molding machine still needs orientation. Although it is the moving speed, the drive of the motor is still displacement, but it should be adjusted according to the displacement diameter.

● The two-color machine is still the first cross-department adopted by western countries in Europe since the 1950s. The Italian team did not stop the injection process. At this time, most of the diffusion points had not been distributed, which made the proportion of the three and four closed loops relatively balanced, and indirectly added 0~5% loss to the addition of millimeter-white plastic. The sensors and timers need to be operated manually. When this happens, it will stop immediately and then start running.

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