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Wide Neck PET Preform Mold
  • Wide Neck PET Preform Mold
  • Wide Neck PET Preform Mold
Wide Neck PET Preform MoldWide Neck PET Preform Mold

Wide Neck PET Preform Mold


    1. Hot runner with valve gate system; 

    2. Self-lock structure; 

    3. Spare parts for free; 

    4. Interchangeable for core, cavity,neck

1.About design

Advanced structure is designed to improve rate of finished products Two-step dual taper locating technology; each cavity self locked independently; off-center adjustment system make the thickness error of perform less then0.05mm. Bottleneck is adopted International Screw thread standard, No cutting of gate is employed to reduce the labor intensity

2. Material of steel

cavity and core with imported 1.2316 stainless steel with fine polishing, high hardness and anticorrosion to get mold's high precision and good quality.

3.About gate

pin-valve gate ,pneumatic drive the nozzle pin simultaneous high speed open and close action. which can effectively control the injection hole open and close actions on each cavity. reliable seal function, smooth moving, low thermal expansion rate ,long using life and also saves electric energy.

4.About hot runner

hot runner system is designed and made by ourselves, it can achieve ideal and prompt heating effect for preform production ,cavity with lower injection pressure to reduce wear and tear of mould parts.

5.Heat system

with double heating system,it has separate temperature control mode ,the heat bar are used to heat the mould mainfold plate,small heaters supply the heating temperature for cavity nozzle continuously.

6.Cooling system

each parts including core ,cavity and valve gate has independently? cooling system.

7.Heat treatment

mechanical treatment cavity and core to prolong service life ,nitrogen treatment with neck screw.with?fitly operation ,guarantee?Long using life over 2.0 million times of injection cycle.

8.Special satisfied serve

each mould undergoes strict mould test before delivery.we can provide an experienced team for installation and test as per client's request Standard inter-changeable mould components