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  • PET Preform Injection moulding machine
  • 6 – 72 cavity PET preform mold available
  • Hot runner without tail, free cut
  • Preform weight tolerance within 0.01 grams
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World Famous Brand Parts For Every PET Injection moulding machine

  • PET Preform Mould Runner
    PET Preform Mould Runner
  • PET Preform Mould Material
    PET Preform Mould Material
  • PET Preform Mold
    PET Preform Mold
  • PET preform moulding materials
    PET preform moulding materials
  • PET Preform Molding
    PET Preform Molding
  • PET Preform Molding Material
    PET Preform Molding Material
  • preform 3
  • preform 4
  • preform
  • Water bottle PET Preform
  • Juice, soft drink PET Preform and PP Preform
  • PET Jar Preform
  • 3-5 Gallon PET Preform

one-stop solution for your PET preform production, 1-16 cavity, 24 cavity, 26 cavity, 32 cavity, 48 cavity, 72 cavity with neck finish ROPP, ALASKA,PCO1881, 30/25, 29/25, 26/22, 38mm, 48mm, 50mm.

Mold DescriptionPneumatic, pin-valve gate, shut-off, free-cut,  PET preform mold with hot runner.
Cavity quantities6 and 72 cavities
Main mold baseP20 steel (Nitrogen treatment, HRC 28-32 degree)
Core (punch) and cavityS136  (Vacuum quench treatment, HRC 43-52 degree)
Screw neck (lip)S136
Heating plateH13 steel , Chinese standard manifold.
Heating ringROTFIL from Italy.
Temperature controllerPID voltage temperature controller
Preform mold configuration

Adopted European mold



PET materials go into nozzle tip straightly to improve mold cycle


Cooling system on cavity, core. If you require,

we also design the cooling system on neck (slip).

Preforms drop through injection machine central ejector automatically

The controller heat Individual cavities, runner and sprue.

One Temperature zone control one point temperature.

Double-locked, inter-changeable mold components;

Usage life


2,000,000 shots
Warranty Period2 years

Specifications runner with valve gate system;
2.self-lock structure;
3. Spare parts for free;
4. Interchangeable for core, cavity,neck

1.About design
Advanced structure is designed to improve rate of finished products Two-step dual taper locating technology; each cavity self locked independently; off-center adjustment system make the thickness error of perform less then0.05mm. Bottleneck is adopted International Screw thread standard, No cutting of gate is employed to reduce the labor intensity
2. Material of steel
cavity and core with imported 1.2316 stainless steel with fine polishing, high hardness and anticorrosion to get mold’s high precision and good quality.3.About gate
pin-valve gate ,pneumatic drive the nozzle pin simultaneous high speed open and close action. which can effectively control the injection hole open and close actions on each cavity. reliable seal function, smooth moving, low thermal expansion rate ,long using life and also saves electric energy.

4.About hot runner
hot runner system is designed and made by ourselves, it can achieve ideal and prompt heating effect for preform production ,cavity with lower injection pressure to reduce wear and tear of mould parts.

5.heat system
with double heating system,it has separate temperature control mode ,the heat bar are used to heat the mould mainfold plate,small heaters supply the heating temperature for cavity nozzle continuously.

6.cooling system
each parts including core ,cavity and valve gate has independently? cooling system.

7.heat treatment
mechanical treatment cavity and core to prolong service life ,nitrogen treatment with neck screw.with?fitly operation ,guarantee?Long using life over 2.0 million times of injection cycle

8.special satisfied serve
each mould undergoes strict mould test before delivery.we can provide an experienced team for installation and test as per client’s request Standard inter-changeable mould components

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Sinco, Your Best PET Injection moulding machine Producer in China

We engaged in manufacture the high quality PET Injection moulding machinefor your business in complete price. Our blowing machine designed with high output with working stable, and power saving.

  • Free Spare Parts
  • English Manual book
  • Video Guide
  • Technician Installation in site

Sinco, the professional PET Injection moulding machine for your preform making in China

Sinco has been a dedicated PET injection moulding machine manufacturer since 2000. We supply high-quality machines from China all over the world.

Sinco machines can be of various sizes. If you need, we can manufacture small machines that are portable.

You can request for us to manufacture injection moulds of any size or shape. Usually, PET injection moulding is used to make jars, bottles, barrels, and much more. All this can be used in various industries: automotive, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, health care, chemical, food, electrical, shipping, etc. Our machines can benefit any such business.

Sinco PET injection moulding machines have a production capacity of about 6000-7000 PET products per hour.

Our machines can make PET containers of volume 5mL-3L, and with neck diameter of 10-45mm. You can also request height and body diameter.

As it says in the title, our machines use PET for material. PET is a thermoplastic polymer used to make containers. Liquid PET material can be injected into a mould or made into a preform for further injection blow moulding. Machine injection capacity can be 120mL-1L.

Now, about Sinco machine specifications and technical features.

Besides PET preforms, PET injection moulding machines can make products for parts with inserts or for thin-walled parts.

Sinco PET injection moulding machines are multi-cavity for automatic continuous production. The usual number of cavities is 4, although you can request more or fewer than that, if you need.

The machines use 3-station horizontal rotary devices, hot runner systems and multi-stage injection moulding systems. Our machines are capable of injection moulding, blow moulding, and demoulding.

Thus, we ensure that our equipment is highly efficient and saves energy during operation. As a result, Sinco PET injection moulding machines produce smooth containers with highly precise inner and outer sides of bottlenecks. Plus, no waste is generated during the injection moulding process, ensuring environmentally-friendly production.

The machines can have horizontal or vertical closure.

Sinco PET injection moulding machines can have hydraulic, electric, or hybrid operation.

Furthermore, our machines include all injection moulding process variants such as multi-color, composite, assembly, multi-component, and sandwich injection moulding.

Sinco PET injection moulding machines feature highly accurate clamping systems with linear guides and high-performance injection units. Our injection units can be freely selected and combined.

There are also various other features Sinco adds to the configuration of a PET injection moulding machine. For example, toggles, rotating tables, sliding tables, and modular parts.

We also offer fast-cycling, low-pressure, and bi-material options.

Just send us your requirements and we will design the best PET injection moulding machine for you.

Our machines use imported Chromatic LCD screens with HMI for easier operation of production processes and fault diagnosis. Plus, we offer fast-response controllers.

Furthermore, Sinco machines are equipped with servo motors to control injection movement, ensure injection accuracy, and improve efficiency by 30-40%.

You can trust Sinco to supply quality machinery for your business. We import parts from leading brands like Siemens. Plus, we have passed ISO9001 and CE certifications.

And, our PET injection moulding machine prices are reasonable.

Of course, we also offer a range of different after-sales services to support you. Specifically, our services include installation, maintenance training, creating manuals and video guides in English—and Spanish.

Besides PET injection moulding machines, Sinco also manufactures various PET preform making machines, preform machines, and all sorts of blow moulding machines.

Our team is always glad to hear from you and help you grow your business! Contact us today!

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