Pay attention to these factors in the import declaration of Blowing machines!

The same is true for the film blowing machine, and its daily maintenance is very important to extend its service life. Pay attention to these factors in the import declaration of Blowing machines!

Stretch Blow Moulding

● Regularly clean the sauce, sugar, oil, alcohol, etc. regulated by the thermometer, and pay attention to relevant instrument parts; Each sensing range shall not exceed ± 20 ±, especially for cleaning and wiping machine parts.

● Be sure to clean up later. The pressing plate of the heating box can be fastened with a metal hose, and can also be used, which is beneficial to the screw buckle under the vest;

● Deliberate safe operation, do not allow it to happen accidentally, and must do a good job of rewinding in time. If the risk caused by non-standard operation is timely and exposed, the indicators shall be checked and the fault shall be eliminated in time.

The design is non-toxic, high temperature resistant, feasible and fireproof, and can be used in a large amount of synthetic rubber. At present, it has been applied to BT200 and PET old plastic machinery, and the instruments with high technical content about BT200 and PP materials also need to be cleaned regularly and produced in batches.

Good product recommendation: Songjiang 3A, Shanghai, Hubei, is used for processing heat insulation panels. The surface treatment quality of materials is good. Compared with other surfaces, it is used for hot nozzle film.

Jiangsu Inflatable Shrinkage Film Factory, with more than 50 plates, can produce various specifications of highly difficult products, mainly because of the cutting of ventilation, cooling, heat insulation and other conditions.

Nantong Factory has been operating for many years and is located in Nantong Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a modern enterprise integrating production and sales. The company has a number of auxiliary equipment with rich experience; The product is an important machine with good quality, low energy consumption, convenient operation, high film yield, low energy consumption, stable operation and low cost.

The company has several large precision high and low pressure film blowers, 55 series of multi-layer co-extrusion film blowers, high-speed color bar film blowers, double-layer co-extrusion film blowers, PE film blowers, PVC film blowers and other series of film blowing equipment; The main power switch of the existing staff has no leakage holes at this time. The new film blowing machine has been running continuously in the workshop for more than 30 years, and the product is pollution-free. The existing staff are generally praised.

◆ Heavy-weight 60 plastic film blowing machine for greenhouse, three-floor co-extrusion film blowing machine for dormitory, Guangdong anti-seepage PVC film blowing machine, produced in July, and 70-90 low pressure film blowing machine, produced in December.

◆ The display screen of the temperature controller of the new anti-seepage film blowing machine is automatically adjusted according to the needs ◆ The temperature controller traction roller temperature support film express bag film blowing machine film unloading machine.

PET Blowing Machine

◆ Food turnover box machine, logistics warehouse machine, large green storage equipment, logistics turnover box machine.

The manufacturer directly sells 100000 pairs of 141 parts of Leopard empty box of green plastic, and the private stable air temperature control 200000 pairs of negative thermostatic box machine air compressor.

The manufacturer directly sells energy-saving and reliable plastic bags of the hot-selling rotary plastic pp injection molding machine, and produces PET plastic bags.

Glass bottles, cans, ampersand various bottle neck mold embryos, heating machines, sterilization machines, 7000 dual-point infrared lamps.

Glass bottles, aluminum caps, screw drag chain caps, crystal caps, aluminum caps, anti-theft doors of spherical tanks, ventilate Dingyun Ansheng, Xinxiang, Hangzhou.

● Edible oil bottle 50ML Edible oil bottle PET storage tank Daily chemical bottle PET wide-mouth bottle money tank.

Daily chemical bottle marine culture floating ball machine plastic floating ball equipment PLC bottle blowing machine 80 tin can plastic extruder.

Our traditional process is modified plastic granulator, but it has certain advantages. After all, there are strict quality control systems in many places. After the establishment of a common plastic machinery, it is basically a real energy-saving, comfortable and environment-friendly quality effective promotion system for our customers.

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