Operation flow of foreign trade export of Blowing machine

So this system is mainly used to operate the export operation process of Blowing machine.

In addition, the bottle mouth is blocked at the beginning, and the upper part of the bottle is sealed with excess bottles. The bottle mouth must be connected to the bottle body AkLS-A. For example, for this kind of bottle, customers usually determine the size of the bottle mouth according to the number of the bottle mouth, A or Ck, O and the previously connected bottles need to tighten the bottle cap. At this time, the barrier layer bottle blowing machine is used to ensure the support of unit weight.

However, our company adapts to meet the customer’s different gluing properties and materials. There are more than ten varieties for customers to choose from, including double-sided gluing machine, single-sided gluing machine (coating or coating), plate cleaning machine, comb tenon gluing machine, etc. MH6113A is a single-sided gluing machine, which is also known as gluing machine, glue rolling machine, glue brushing machine, etc. on the market, and is often used for the secondary veneering of composite building materials formwork, wood, production plywood, blockboard, density board, bamboo plywood or man-made board, The glue is evenly applied, equipped with a glue cleaning device, automatic plate thickness adjustment function, and 304 stainless steel seamless tube glue volume adjustment roller. It can be equipped with automatic gluing device, variable frequency speed regulation, electric digital lifting and other functional devices.

The CNC curve saw MJS1325 does not move the saw blade during the machining process, and the feed table directly performs linear interpolation movement in the X and Y directions of the guide rail. The workpiece does not move during the sawing process, so as to obtain higher surface quality of the workpiece, promote the workpiece to be sanded directly after sawing, reduce the milling process of the workpiece surface, and improve the production efficiency.

Curved wood press (three directions, single station) MH3834A × The master cylinder pressure of 100 is 100t × 1pc, side cylinder pressure is 25t × 2pc, cylinder stroke 1200mm, workbench size 1300 × 900mm, installed power: 75kw, overall dimension: 260 × one hundred and thirty-two × 409cm。

Cold press MH32411 × The workbench size of 160 is 1300 × 3200mm, the maximum pressure of the workbench is 210kg/cm2 of the hydraulic system pressure, the power of the oil pump is 75kw, the power of the feeding motor is 22kw, and the overall dimension is 3816 × two thousand six hundred and thirty × 3290mm。

Cold press MH32411 × The workbench size of 160 is 1300 × 3200mm, workbench size 1300 × 2200mm, thickness 0001mm.

Features: 115th ° rotary bottle blowing machine, from one out of two cavities to one out of six cavities, with a speed of 1000 bottles/hour (500 ml plastic bottles) per cavity, is a full-automatic high-speed bottle blowing machine.

The company adheres to the business philosophy of “high-quality economy, affordable, cooperation, customer first, and service first”, adapts to the modern management mode of scientific development, and ensures to provide customers with high-quality and affordable products and services. Welcome new and old customers to call for negotiation!

The company is producing well-known brand molds. Therefore, it has a strong mold design ability and has been sold to Germany, Russia and Zip Group after years of tempering and application; The advanced insert structure is adopted to ensure the transportation by electric vehicle.

We firmly believe that quality is the soul of enterprise development, and perfect after-sales service is the link between enterprises and customers to establish mutual trust, and is the intangible extension of tangible product value. So we keep improving, constantly improve the after-sales service system, and sincerely provide you with satisfactory product value with strong strength, enthusiastic service and rapid response!

plastic blow moulding machine

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