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Jan. 05, 2018

Sinco Plastic Machinery is an expert in the manufacture of highly durable and reliable machines for the blowing of PET bottles, blown extrusion of HDPE bottles as well as injection molds for preforms and caps for packaging.

After decades of effort and development, Sinco has formed a team of experienced designers and executive staff. All these factors allow to be able to develop processes and machinery for the transformation of plastics in order to provide the best quality products and services for customers.

The high quality but at the same time, the accessible prices, have made that our company is accepted by our customers both in the local market, and globally.


Oriented to our customers and prioritizing quality, the company and customers are seen as a single entity. The requirements of the clients are those that they send after the purchase of our products, our after-sales service being a support both with regard to components, as well as technical level, on-site support and operator training, no matter where the company is located. localized company.

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