New regulations for export Extrusion blowing machines

Before using the float Blowing machine, it is necessary to learn and understand it, and be familiar with its operation process and use specifications. New regulations for export Extrusion blowing machines.

● The axial wall thickness of the parts of the pneumatic system of the Blowing machine is less than 10mm. This is a kind of careful consideration, so as to consider the axial wall thickness of a part that may be incorrect in the direction of wall thickness. When determining the possibility of the cylinder of the equipment, the shaft of the rear end face will eliminate the material to be discharged perpendicular to the inner wall of the cylinder or vibration. This needs some trimming.

● Maintenance of the Blowing machine frame: connect the contact when the thickness of mechanical parts, screw arrangement, mesh changing structure and noise source. The electrical control system must be reflected, and its regular maintenance, cleaning, maintenance, long electronic time and other aspects have problems that must ensure the normal implementation of procedures. Especially the appearance, manufacturing accuracy and product quality safety of various parts such as shearing machine, automatic bottle blowing machine, automatic embryo cutting machine and film blowing machine.

● When the wheel is worn, the trapezoidal handle shaft shall be disassembled and assembled on the V plate first, and then the two screws of the flat doll direction shall be clamped to the depth of the annular groove.

● Reduce the reverse gear of the quick coupler to below the C plate, and check whether the gear shaft is calibrated normally. If there is no standard method for this method, a magnetic switch should be installed on the gear shaft.

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● If a reasonable gear reducer is selected for the gear reducer, there will be friction and wear tests on the reducer, gear reducer and gear seat bearing. When the output voltage changes, the test or pressure driver will get stuck. The parison shaft must bear the torque current, and the external pressure difference will occur in a short time.

● When the temperature at the bottom is too low and the friction coefficient is not accurate, the torque motor can be used if the V mandrel or slow running is required.

● The axis of the preform shaft cannot be changed with the torsion action. When the end of the curved angle reaches the proximity switch, the axis of the proximity switch should be static phase and time conservation to achieve sealing.

● The control panel is equipped with reporting personnel to control different procedures. In case of improper operation or crack, poor mold locking will cause the production of the bottle blowing machine (joint plate).

The bottle cap gasket is caused by the advance of the bottle blank, and the phenomenon caused by the poor quality is that the hydraulic glass enterprises in Wuhan and various regions of Wuhan are very different.

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● Full-automatic bottle blowing machine: common type with good volatility, fast loss of fitness rate, non-contact industrial controller.

● When the bottle blowing machine breaks down, check line by line first, and deal with serious problems in time.

● Close the open valve and check whether the filling switch is open. If it is abnormal, immediately press the open switch.

● When the bottle preform of the bottle blowing machine is heated, pre-blown, cold air and high-pressure blown into the bottle preform, first ensure that the machine and equipment operate and work under normal conditions.

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