MG880 Extrusion blowing machine factory with the best reputation

The main parts of the oil barrel production equipment are imported, and the whole machine runs smoothly and quickly. Adopt screw extrusion blow molding technology, automatic temperature control, frequency conversion and speed regulation. The MG880 Extrusion blowing machine factory with the best reputation.

MG880 extruder equipment is mainly composed of: oil barrel Blowing machine, barrel A Blowing machine, barrel B Blowing machine, thimble machine, etc.

For the production industry, effectively improve the quality of products, and select raw and auxiliary materials to ensure product quality.

blowing machine for plastic bottle

In terms of quality, we strictly follow the above process, continue to consider and improve the Internet of Things and overall communication control and effectively reduce losses.

Tpu’s annual output increased by 7000250 hours on time; The period is expected to compound 100 million months annually.

The situation has been significantly changed in order to increase the service performance of the pump. The production speed is faster and the operation is stable. At the same time, we have taken the following adjustments: the following options.

● The batch size of the product should correspond to the size of the silicone injection molding machine, which must be emphasized. Many processors have no plans to produce 500 or more products with 75 machines. Therefore, the specification of silicone injection molding machine should be selected according to the performance requirements of the product.

● If the specification of the silicone injection molding machine is smooth, it is prone to bending, cracks, shrinkage and other defects; The mold cavity surface shall be shaped according to the direction regulations, and the elasticity of small ornaments shall be pasted, and there shall be blisters on both sides, so that the mold will have certain viscous flow, resulting in defects of the mold joint; The insulation treatment shall be carried out according to the water-based requirements to make the mold temperature lower or soften as much as possible, and at the same time, the dew point shall be under the placement conditions of the mold.

● Whether the sealing, temperature setting, quantity setting, temperature sensor, etc. of the silicone injection molding machine mold are correct, and whether they can be cleaned during the sealing period to ensure that the use performance meets the product quality.

● The sealing of the liquid silicone injection molding machine mold is reduced, and the overall service life is small, which can save the time of maintenance, thus reducing the performance indicators of sealing and product types.

Plastic Bottle Making Machine

● The sealing of the mold of the liquid silicone injection molding machine is reduced, which can improve the product quality and effectively guarantee the quality. The sealing property is reduced, and the appearance of the product is sealed.

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