MEGA Extrusion blowing machine factory with the best reputation

The two-layer co-extrusion film blowing machine, the two-layer co-extrusion express bag film blowing machine, this model adopts the A+B two-layer co-extrusion process, and the best reputation MEGA Extrusion blowing machine factory.

● Each heating zone is equipped with independent sectional temperature control; The position and distance of the lamp tube and reflector in the heating zone can be adjusted according to the different shape and size of the bottle embryo to achieve the ideal heating effect.

● The full-automatic bottle blowing machine can be equipped with dual-position host, three-axis, four-axis linkage control cabinet, inflation direction, etc. according to different product needs, and can be adjusted according to different product needs to adapt to different temperature control conditions (it can also be adjusted according to different requirements, and can also achieve non-synchronous heating).

Not to mention the single or double mold heads of the model bottle blowing machine, the double mold heads can be used for blow molding; New machines and equipment require only one person to operate, greatly improving production efficiency.

bottles blowing machine

What is the difference between automatic bottle blowing machine and bottle blowing machine? 1. The items are different. 1. The official website of bottle blowing machine () publishes information for the first time. The product photos and image specifications are only limited to customer needs, and applies to start shopping. 2. For solid wood furniture, the problem of the bottom layer should be thoroughly solved, and the problem of mechanical fatigue, dry dust, and carbon black should be eliminated to reduce oil pollution. 3. When the project is put into use, the efficiency is expected to be higher than the manual operation during the injection molding operation, and the operation efficiency is reduced by 10%. 4. Simple structure, easy to master and debug. 5. Small floor area, wide adaptability of learning function, independent design and two operation schemes, maximum simultaneous operation. 6. Clean-class containers, unstretched, blown bottles and packaging parts and other commodities will first affect the product appearance. 7. Water-proof containers, which can not be used to contain water and mineral water, can be recycled and treated. 8. The leftover materials and packaging film can also be additionally molded to avoid waste. 9. During installation, be sure to select the appropriate position to avoid damaging the bottle cap and other products.

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