Market Status and New Growth Points in the Field of Blowing Machines for the Production of Cosmetic Bottles

How has the market status and new growth points of plastic bottles developed in the field of blow molding machines for producing cosmetics bottles? How to choose a relatively good injection molding machine model for a super large PET bottle blowing machine?

In 2009, our company went to Shenzhen to carry out a 4-day international reshuffle. A technical exchange and docking opportunity within the factory allowed us to further understand the development advantages of foreign countries, continuously improving our various advantages of independent innovation. In May, the global high-speed rail manufacturing industry competed for global delivery, and our company is committed to developing more products, so that every customer sincerely expects and everything has new development opportunities, We are committed to providing customers with high-quality bottle blowing machine solutions.

The screw element is made of high-quality carbon structural steel, which has been refined through processes such as quenching and tempering, qualitative analysis, polishing, nitriding, chrome plating, and polishing. It has high strength heat treatment and hardness resin.

Structure of the blank part: autonomous world; Since 2015, fully electric lifting has reduced heat transfer and stretching; Autonomous world; High speed, super large valve, automatic screen changing device, equipped with precise detection and counting alarm; Skill 1:3, self expanding 110kg, actual power consumption of about 5%, meeting the requirements of high-speed continuous operation.

blowing machine for plastic bottle

Component materials: stainless steel, aluminum, nickel, aluminum alloy, molybdenum, titanium, copper, nitrogen, titanium, olefin, additives, etc. (Can be divided into ISO9001 functions: 2008 standard, MAX Φ Control method: By controlling the system, enter the co extrusion control unit, take out the plastic parts and take out the products. (Product usage: large, agricultural film, plastic film, medical supplies, automotive parts, etc.).

Qingdao Junkang, a manufacturer of offshore floating ball blow molding equipment in Qingdao, has produced a set of blow molding equipment for local owners in Qingdao that can produce offshore floating balls. This set of float production equipment is equipped with Siemens automatic control system and can produce blow molding machines for products such as floats, floating bodies, water docks, and floating balls.

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