Market Scale and Prospect Analysis of Blowing Machine Products for Producing Fruit Juice Beverage Bottles

The market scale and prospect analysis of the blowing machine products for producing juice beverage bottles. In the coming years, the caps of tea beverage bottles will be launched from different perspectives with different plastic packaging products. For example, the statistical analysis of oxygen to Gangling, peak and courtyard temperature is mainly based on a range of 175%. In addition to good plastic raw material inventory, the shelf life of the products is greatly shortened, and the price advantage is serious, which is well recognized by the market.

In summary, the juice beverage filling machine market (including bottle caps) emerging from the industry has a large demand, with a large demand for brand production lines and a large number of supporting equipment. The new supporting equipment has higher flexibility, and 80% of the total value ensures the brand’s competitiveness.

The appropriate share of the company’s website design association, Jiangsu Province’s processing network, PECAD and other departments in terms of layout and business operation status.

The fruit juice beverage production line is a standard production line for PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottle filling and washing glass bottles.

Soda water beverage production line, including plastic beverage production line, liquid filling machine, solid beverage filling, and so on.

The Internet era has made e-commerce a new way of shopping, and the previously stagnant logistics industry has also ushered in excellent development opportunities with the outbreak of the e-commerce industry. Financial institutions in many places are actively promoting their corporate strategies, hoping to expand their industrial structure through the Internet.

Blow Molding Machine

Enterprises must continuously adjust their industrial structure and expand the market size of our country, especially behind the trend of mobile brands, the new generation of products independently developed by the company are constantly being expanded.

The fundamental difference between the plastic machinery industry and the plastic machinery industry is that plastic products are made from resin as raw material, which is different from manufacturing and processing materials, rolling, forming, and stretching.

Blow molding machine

Some special blow molding machines should have valuable parts for use, and blow molding machines will be automated. Compared to blow molding machines, the emergence of automatic bottle blowing machines is greatly detrimental.

The energy-saving of blow molding machines can be divided into two aspects: 1. Powered material barrel: heater, heating coil, heating material coil, electromagnetic heater, high-end electric heater, energy-saving pipeline, electric heating plate, electromagnetic heating coil, electromagnetic heating.

The energy-saving of plastic film blowing machines can be divided into two aspects: 1. Powered bottom heating of the barrel, 2. Far infrared heating, 3. Far infrared heating, 4. Radiation is different from the heat transfer of plastic film when increasing temperature, 5. Involute protection, 6. Far infrared heating, 7. Heating at the bottom of the baking table.

The film width of the plastic film blowing machine is high, accounting for about one-third of the extrusion amount. For HDPE or LLDPE, the width is only larger than the steel layer. Under high tensile strength, fusion hardness, and correction stiffness conditions, the PE film is easily stretched and deformed, thus achieving longer tensile strength. So, the thickness of the film can be determined by its width.

The die head is plated with hard chromium, and its structure is a spiral core shaft type. The extruded molten material is uniform, and the blown film has good smoothness. The air cooling device structure is a maze type, and the air outlet is uniform.

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