Market Scale and Prospect Analysis of Blowing Machine Products for Producing Cosmetic Bottles

The market scale and prospect analysis of the bottle blowing machine products for producing cosmetics bottles. The model, technical parameters, quality indicators, etc. of the extruder can meet the special requirements of different domestic and foreign industry insiders, providing them with processing services related to industry dimensions and technical parameters. The quality of the entire product may not be very good, but it also depends on the after-sales service of the bottle blowing machine. In the face of various models in the market, only the bottle making materials leading to the point need to be replaced, It is possible to adjust the range of different parts and production costs. At present, there are various substitutes in China, such as PET, PP, PC, PET, etc. These are important plastic processing industries. In addition to ensuring normal production and product quality, the technical level of bottle blowing machines has made great progress.

With the rapid development of the commercial economy, the demand for plastic bags is increasing, and almost all commodity transactions require the use of plastic bags, which has given rise to a strong demand for bag making machines in the bag making machine industry. In summary, choosing a high-speed bag making machine requires starting from four aspects, namely the type of bag making machine and clarifying the bag making you need.

Blowing film equipment is widely used to heat and melt plastic particles before blowing them into thin films. Friends who want to know more, come and take a look!

The key factor determining the application range of a film blowing machine is the difference in material. For example, it is more suitable to use recycled film as various garbage bags, using high-pressure PE blown film.

blow moulding machine for pet bottle

The same product can achieve 120% efficiency in the hands of those who know how to use it, and also in the hands of those who don’t know how to use it. So how can the film head of a film blowing machine improve its work efficiency? Let’s go ahead.

The energy-saving of high-speed film blowing machines can be divided into two parts: one is the power part, and the other is the heating part.

Energy saving in the heating section: Most of the energy saving in the heating section is achieved through the use of electromagnetic heaters, with an energy saving rate of about 30% -70% of that of old-fashioned resistance coils.

Compared to resistance heating, the electromagnetic heater directly acts on the material pipe heating, reducing the loss of heat energy during heat transfer.

Compared to resistance heating, the heating speed of electromagnetic heaters is more than a quarter faster, reducing heating time.

plastic blow moulding machine

Compared to resistance heating, the heating speed of electromagnetic heaters is faster, which improves production efficiency and keeps the motor in a saturated state, reducing the electrical energy loss caused by high power and low demand< eod>。

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