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Welcome to use Sinco’s bottle blowing machine! The following provides you with the basic usage and precautions of the bottle blowing machine to ensure your safety and the best performance of the machine. There are also some insight reports on Blow Molding Machines that can help you understand the global market.

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1. Basic usage method:

Turn on the power: Insert the power plug into the power socket and turn on the power switch.

Adding raw materials: Add appropriate raw materials (such as PET granules) into the hopper, and be careful not to overdo or underfeed.

Adjust the temperature: According to the type and requirements of the raw material, adjust the temperature of the heater to ensure that the raw material can be fully melted.

Start bottle blowing: place the mold on the mold table, and blow the raw materials into bottles.
2. Matters needing attention:

Do not put hands or other objects into the machine to avoid danger.

When using the machine, please keep it clean and dry to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

When adding raw materials, do not add too much or too little raw materials, so as not to affect the performance of the machine.

When adjusting the temperature, please make sure that the temperature is suitable for the raw material used to avoid problems such as insufficient melting or thermal decomposition.

During use, if you find that the machine is running abnormally or has problems, please stop using it immediately and contact professionals for inspection and maintenance.
3. Common faults and solutions:

The machine cannot be started: Please check whether the power supply is connected firmly and whether the power switch is turned on.

The bottle is deformed or defective: Please check whether the raw materials are added properly, whether the temperature is suitable, and whether the mold is damaged.

Insufficient bottle output: Please check whether the amount of raw materials added is appropriate, whether the temperature is suitable, and whether the mold is clean and maintained.
The above are the basic usage and precautions of the bottle blowing machine. If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service staff.

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