Market Analysis Techniques for Bottle Blowing Machines for Producing Mineral Water Bottles

Market analysis skills for bottle blowing machines used in the production of mineral water bottles: mainly having experience in secondary recycling and secondary recycling, suitable for two categories: secondary recycling and secondary recycling. There are many recycling methods, mainly used for mixing pure water, mineral water, and various types of pure water. There are many filtering methods, which can directly replace waste plastic or underwater products to save resources.

blow moulding machine for pet bottle

Beverage industry: Ice black tea, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, etc; Tea drinks, alcoholic beverages, sports drinks, leisure drinks, seasonings, liquid drinks, tea drinks, etc; Industrial beverage industry: sterilized drugs, paste labeling machines, inkjet printers, packaging machines, labeling machines, packaging machines, etc; Automation supporting equipment: temperature controller, bottle blank labeling machine, dryer, packing machine, palletizer, conveying system, empty bottle conveying system, etc.

Food industry: hot selling product development capabilities, energy consumption, etc; Packaging material production and sales capabilities, quality control traceability system, etc.

Product selection method: weight, freshness, moisture reduction, shelf measurement for beverages, OXQ, far-infrared shelves, packing machines, palletizers, dust covers, sponge covers.

PETG plastic bottles, mineral water bottles, and wine bottle containers are well known in China, and the key is to provide ideal bottle shapes for widely used products. In recent years, PETG plastic bottles have high quality and safety due to their lightweight (accounting for over 20% of the same glass bottles).

Tracing system: How does the transmission ratio of the 03~08/10 rotary table sewing machine/light string box/gearbox rotate.

Label: 600 x 276/24 × 570/ID: SGS C-0/BC.

The process of post bottle embryo disposal is relatively long, as follows: 1. Preheating: Pour the embryo into the bottle embryo and automatically load it into the bottle blowing machine’s bottle machine.

Preheating: Pour the bottle embryo into the storage type mold table, and provide the embryo mouth structure to ensure the tightness of the bottle embryo mouth and bottle cap.

If you have any questions, please leave a message on the World Cup injection platform, and the World Cup injection platform will contact you as soon as possible.

The company mainly sells beverage machinery products such as filling machines, beverage filling machines, blow filling and sealing all-in-one machines, blow bottle machines, rotary blow bottle machines, etc.

Jinrong Machinery’s leading products include a three in one bottle filling and capping unit, a two in one filling and capping unit, a two in one filling and sealing unit, a fully automatic bottle blowing machine, a gallon barrel series unit, a water treatment production line, an automatic on-site cleaning system, various complete sets of sterilization equipment, a bottle filling and capping production line, a complete set of equipment for fruit juice and tea beverages, etc.

Extrusion blowing machine

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