KRONES Extrusion blowing machine manufacturing industry with the best reputation

It has more than 20 imported precision Blowing machines, high-end auxiliary equipment, and more than 10 injection molding machines. It is the best known KRONES Extrusion blowing machine manufacturing industry.

2019 Shanghai International Food Processing and Distribution Base 47L2, import threshold 54, super-large packaging compressor.

The complete machine of packaging machinery integrates R&D and manufacturing, adopts advanced technology in the industry, introduces high-tech talents, establishes a modern enterprise system, and constantly improves management. The R&D Department constantly develops new products, and strengthens technical content. At the same time, the company strengthens internal management, pays attention to integrity externally, and wins unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad with high-quality product quality.

The complete machine of food machinery is used for washing and manufacturing various specifications of food plastic products such as tires, and is applicable to household appliances, textiles, food and other fields.

All major food quality inspection equipment is complete, with food safety and reliability, edible meat, fresh and other characteristics, and has become a leader in the food machinery industry at home and abroad.

The height of the Blowing machine is determined according to the film width, and the actual effect can be trusted. It is a necessary equipment for all kinds of Blowing machines, and cannot be ignored.

Select steel, zinc alloy, non-ferrous metal, rubber and plastic and other materials to manufacture the screw, barrel, mold and heating furnace in the mechanical channel according to the requirements of injection molding production process.

Most people are experienced manufacturers of injection molding machines. They expect the equipment they have developed to achieve high quality, high precision, low energy consumption and completely trouble-free operation. This is the target, and it is composed of three original factories, namely the nose and the main engine.

automatic plastic bottle blowing machine

● Lock and close the mold: the mold plate quickly approaches the fixed mold plate (including slow-fast-slow speed) and the safe operator ensures that there is no abnormal situation, and controls the oil cylinder with high torque quickly to avoid “god” destroying the “die nail” outlet.

● HVE6 shall be selected for the combination of sliding block and combined bearing, and excessive loosening is not allowed; 5. When the length of the sliding block’s rolling stroke is too long, it is necessary to improve the guiding performance on the mold base. Generally, the length of a part of the sliding block should be 15 times of the total width. During core pulling, the sliding block should be part of the mutual matching of the guiding groove, and 2/3 of the sliding block’s rolling part should be in the guiding slide;

Sliding part: Nantong factory: after being approved by Shijiazhuang die-cutting factory and signed by the Alliance, it is ordered according to law with the business license.

The State Grain and Materials Reserve Bureau: the registration certificate, some holidays and holidays, and the enterprises strengthen the technical transformation of emergency stop control and liquidity control. The safety features include: eliminating emergency stop control, strengthening the flow passage, intermittent flow, protecting food security, replacing emergency equipment, and so on.

Oil press equipment, pre-press, leaching and separation equipment, oil filter, softening pot, embryo press, steam frying pan, expander, oil pump, decolorization and deodorization equipment, leaching complete set.

Dryer, flour machine, alcohol production equipment, noodle production equipment, corn processing equipment, granary machinery, warehousing engineering equipment, cleaning machinery, ventilation and dust removal.

Measuring packaging machine, filling machine, bottle blowing machine, vacuum packaging machine, labeling machine, automation equipment, mass flow meter, electronic scale and coding machine, packaging assembly line, grain.

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