Inventory common bottle blowing machines for producing mineral water bottles

Inventory common blow molding machines for producing mineral water bottles. The mold heating methods used include tube head heating and blow molding machines. The screw head heating part is energy-saving and fast, with fast cooling speed, high heat penetration, long material return time, and small cracks.

What are the price benefits of raising the production of mineral water bottles to a high level? The final production of 1 bottle of preform products accounts for 15 times the material quantity, but if the problem is ignored, wrinkles will occur again due to the personalized weight drooping of the preform. In the fashion industry, this will definitely adapt to personalized times.

The buffer setting temperature of the 600 x 2 type bottle preform mold is set, and under normal performance, the bottle preform enters the stretching/blowing cycle again from 0 to 300 ° C at low speed.

Bottle Blowing Machine

It has high yield, low energy consumption, small performance, small footprint, and is easy to mold. During the infrastructure season, especially in large cities such as Jiaolong Cofferdam in Liaoning Province.

Acquire second-hand 300ml bottle preforms, process second-hand 300ml valve cores, and blow air at an extremely fast rate for 2-3 days.

Highly localized procurement of fully digital equipped electronic rulers, with fast development speed and a combination of foundation and CAD, resulting in fast development speed. Its main purpose is to develop computers, a wall thickness control system with special product design functions, which can develop advanced levels and high temperature time, continuously operate equipment, and ensure the accuracy and precision of production and operation plans.

Bottle blowing machine: Generally, the circulating preheating chamber can last for more than one-third of the time and can be completely produced in a month. The equipment also needs to have a large production capacity when leaving the factory. Based on the different production experiences of customers, several technical personnel can be identified to support customized and efficient production

In some aspects, there may not be enough time to purchase or during a certain period, and customers’ turntables need to be sorted regularly, and time should not be caused, and there may also be some minor issues with distance.

● After sales service: Some companies have low technical level, resulting in lower product rates and unreliable after-sales service methods, with no agents earning price differences; After sales service: providing customers with the maximum guarantee for free< eod>。

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