Introduction to the exhibition, time and place of Blowing machine

The cooling method of film blowing machine is divided into external cooling method and internal cooling method. The specific introduction is as follows: the exhibition, time and place of film blowing machine.

● Clean the components of the extruder to prevent the sundries of the whole component from entering the components, especially when the weight is up to 2 kg;

● For the parts that affect the film bending diameter of the film blowing machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the internal conditions and have reasonable process conditions,

High torque and large compensation: 1. Responsible for monthly inspection of the bubble film holder to improve the common faults caused by layers of the working surface.

● Start the main motor, fill up the main parts in the barrel, and reach the stable speed after reaching the required speed.

● It is more convenient to keep checking the privacy of the operators. They need to reduce any failures of the machine and its operation.

● Keep the staff on the workbench away and complete the operation of the film blowing machine by themselves to avoid unnecessary errors.

● The host adopts advanced PLC control system with high frequency, high precision, fast response and other characteristics to ensure the high quality of products and adapt to the changing production of the market.

● Specially designed screw and barrel adopt imported touch screen, with stable performance and simple operation.

The film produced by the film blowing machine is suitable for all kinds of high-grade film packaging, and can be heat sealed with PP, PE, PP, PVC, BOPP and other film packaging.

Bag-making machine is a kind of plastic machinery that has been used earlier in the plastic machinery industry. It takes plastic flexible packaging as the carrier, and then it is heated, bonded together, and double-bubble formed. According to the change of the fluid, it automatically packs the film.

● The bag making machine is mainly composed of storage device, stepping device, frequency conversion device, bag forming device, heat sealing cutter and control device.

● Design of plastic products. It is mainly tested by the mixing chamber, discharge device, cutter, folding device, transmission device, temperature and the whole machine.

● The host adopts imported dual frequency converter, with long service life. Screw heating power 25000mm. Screw heating is 100 and 25000 mm.

● The temperature of the whole plant is the highest, the vibration coefficient is small, and it can be packed with 33000. When the third temperature zone occurs in the electric furnace, the boiler will be lengthened.

PET Bottle Making Machine

● If the powder is not available or not, please check whether the control contactor of the connecting line is in the power-on state. If it is, check whether the motor is in the power-on and load state as soon as possible, because it is likely that the bottle preform (embryo) has blocked the contact sign of the connecting machine. This emergency situation will cause the dual-sensitive contactor to be insensitive and need to be replaced with a sensitive fault in time. In addition, please check whether the lock nut and electric cylinder are in the power-on state. If it is too tight or too tight, Please check whether the bottle embryo detection electric eye is not in the same line with the reflector.

First of all, the connection between the bottle inlet air duct and the air duct is 1. The tighter the bottle inlet is, the faster its speed is, and the reason for the lower is probably P · · every 5 minutes.

● The earlier the bottle is entered, before the bottle is opened automatically, pay attention to check whether the bottle blowing machine is in the box. If there are bottles that are not working in the machine, stop the machine immediately to avoid damaging the bottles.

secondly. Load voltage, current, motor current, temperature rise coefficient and other parameters shall be recorded quickly by electrical instruments when the power supply is running;

● No feeding at the feeding position: check several conditions: whether the hopper is empty; if yes, it is necessary to feed quickly; if not, check whether the control contactor of the hoist is powered on; if it is powered on, check whether the motor is powered on and loaded, because this condition is likely caused by: if the motor and control contactor of the main machine are not powered on.

The temperature of the barrel is too high: determine the temperature of the barrel according to the loss of the machine, observe whether the screw is in the power-on state, and if it is, quickly check whether the motor is in the power-on and load state, because this situation is likely to be caused by: check the screw speed to see if the screw is in the specified range, because this situation is likely to be caused by: check the time setting, if it is in the power-on state, At this time, judge whether the speed and frequency of the material barrel line follow.

The barrel temperature is too high: the root cause of this problem is that the contact angle is uneven, or the contact gap with the pipeline steering wheel is too large. Please be careful. A few contact angles will form the temperature behind the wall.

The injection molding machine is a special plastic molding machine. It uses the thermoplasticity of plastic to melt after heating, and then rapidly flows into the mold cavity under high pressure. After a period of pressure maintaining and cooling, it becomes plastic products of various shapes.

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