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Handle the bottle preform to cool the air and recycle it. Plastic bottle manufacturers call it a good opportunity for bottle blowing. Bottle blowing machines are generally divided into PLC control systems, customer required keyboards, sensors, etc., and have strong capabilities in this area.

The precautions for handle bottle manufacturers are divided into three indicators: first, capacity. The size and appearance of the handle bottle preform in operation are unified, and detailed measurement can be implemented separately during selection. Generally, regular manufacturers focus on packaging and filling capacity needs. Mechanical equipment materials and seasoning equipment materials have high requirements for machine equipment. The most common filling machine is a customized model, with a scale of no more than 200 million units and a long order cycle. The quality, output, and after-sales service quality of mechanical components all comply with national standards.

When opening the high and low pressure air source switch, it is necessary to act slowly to prevent dirt from blowing into the solenoid valve due to the fast flow rate of the air source. At the same time, open the exhaust valve for 30 seconds to ensure that the air is clean. 3. After the fully automatic bottle blowing machine operates normally, do not extend any part of the body into the machine to prevent mechanical hands from injuring people. If the machine makes abnormal noises, slow down and observe again. 4. Check whether the emergency stop switches, safety door switches, and protective device detection switches are normal. 5. When starting the fully automatic bottle blowing machine, it must be ensured that the mechanical parts are in good condition and there is no one inside the machine. Especially the position of the crank to avoid injury. Simultaneously close the safety door.

Automatic conveying system. 4. PLC control system. 5. Lightweight and concise control panel and simple linear operation system. 6. The unique heating system ensures accurate temperature control and convenient adjustment. 7. Unique air storage device. 8. The cooling system can quickly change the mesh and increase the service life of the cooling line. 8. Each action is driven by a cylinder instead of an oil pump, without contamination. 10. The scrap rate of finished products is less than 03%. The above is the automatic roll spray machine solution introduced by Le for you!

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Plastic Bottle Blowing Machine

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