Inquiry of packing information of Extrusion blowing machine

According to the different processing methods of the mold, the Blowing machine is divided into Extrusion blowing machine and injection Blowing machine. The more common is the Extrusion blowing machine, and the packing information query of the Extrusion blowing machine.

With the concept of green energy conservation becoming more and more popular, many high consumption, low efficiency and other mechanical products on the market have been gradually eliminated. The plastic film blowing machine industry has kept pace with the trend of the period, and has moved forward with energy saving and emission reduction. The plastic film blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry has applied high-tech technology, and the new film blowing machine produced conforms to the diversified needs of the market.

Strive towards the high-end. The type of PP film blowing machine produced is thick and thin, which is not polyethylene, and is applicable to shrink film such as shrink cap, vacuum bag, liquid packaging bag, etc.

PP film blowing machine focuses on heating, melting and blowing plastic particles into film. Originally derived from “a heating device with only surface layer”, many industries use granulators to heat. However, compared with ordinary equipment, the granulator has several advantages: less energy saving and obvious relativity. In recent years, both of them have been produced on energy-saving electric dual-purpose docking lines in the United States.

The twin-screw granulator adopts variable frequency speed regulation, AC motor drive or DC speed regulation, DC motor drive. The reducer and screw drive are in the same box, and the overall dimension is compact. The safety coupling equipped with shear pin can protect the screw and transmission case.

The computer-based measurement and control system and friendly operation interface are convenient to operate and powerful, but what are its professional performance characteristics? Do you know?

To purchase a granulator, we must understand how to use it and how to maintain it. In the future, we will depend on whether different equipment can be used.

Facing many different granulator manufacturers in the market, if you want to buy such an opportunity, you must choose well-known brands. 1. Due to the continuous improvement of production technology in the machinery manufacturing industry, some large brand parts are almost open forming, so some large brand parts are almost open forming, and some large brand parts are almost waiting for forming. Next, I will introduce the types of granulators and whether they can meet the production requirements.

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