How to select the wholesaler of Newamstar Extrusion blowing machine

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401 olefin-30 backrest extruder brand, more stable quality, equipment is more suitable for low-motion operating extruder.

● Strength integrated molding glue melting trough, cooling water shall be added for slotting, and automatic wiring system shall be set.

● The advanced heating equipment is divided into three sections: feed inlet, conveyor belt, roller, discharge nozzle, overflow and heating ring.

Bottle Manufacturing Machine

● After the installation of the machine, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the machine operation. The machine is equipped with a safety door for other installation and use.

pet bottle blowing machine

● The equipment is installed on the customer’s own equipment, which is durable, mobile, explosion-proof probe and different pipeline connections.

● When the production of the type container starts, the glue spraying speed starts to 200, and the order gradually extends to more than 100 points. The elite group of technicians in the same industry will take the lead in opening the order.

At the beginning of R&D, the speed of glue spraying gradually increased. After laboratory testing, the speed of spray glue developed has gradually improved. This means that the production cost is reduced, and the subsequent spraying speed becomes slow, which only takes 20 minutes.

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